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Old Mar 19, 2007, 6:38 AM
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Dear Delta Baggage Service:

My mother-in-law’s bag, File Reference # atlaf29950, bag tag number XH410412, has now been missing
for over 3 days.

I understand:

1) That your call center cannot help me because they are located in India or Atlanta but not
at the airport.

2) You can’t tell me if the bag even made it onto the plane in St. Petersburg Russia or if it
has been mis-handled in Paris.
3) You can’t tell me if the bag is in Atlanta because it is unloaded from the plane and sent to
ICE and DOA without being scanned.

4) Neither ICE nor DOA have the bag “in custody” or “on hold” as Delta has erroneously told
us numerous times.

5) No one there really seems to care about my situation.
6) I have over 3 million miles on Delta, so I have made my financial contribution and feel that
I deserve your assistance.

7) Written documentation of this type is much more useful than phone calls in documenting a
problem even though I have very accurate notes of the dozens of phone calls and my in-
person visit to Delta at Hartsfield-Jackson.

You need to understand:

1) My mother-in-law is a savvy international traveler.

2) She carried 5 DAYS worth of her heart medication because she knows how likely it is that
her luggage will be mis-handled, mis-directed or completely lost.

3) Her luggage is still lost and there has been no update nor has there been a phone call or
other contact from Delta.

4) In two days we will take her to a hospital and have her examined and have replacement
medications issued for those that have been lost.

5) Regardless of the fine print on her contract and regardless of Delta’s best efforts to convince
you and us to the contrary Delta has a liability for these costs and will be required to
reimburse us for these expenses.

6) Delta does not need any more angered clients who have been ill-treated after a normal
foul-up in the system has caused what should have been a minor inconvenience to become
a major calamity.

Fix my problem and let me know the status along the way.

James P. Cavanagh
Knowledge Transfer Agent
jpc AT
Old Apr 10, 2007, 1:36 AM is offline
Delta Air Lines Employee (NOT OFFICIAL REP)
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to fix your problem, dont check medication... especially LIFE SAVING HEART MEDICATION
Old Apr 10, 2007, 3:00 AM
kdmd kdmd is offline
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CRAZY why on earth would you check medication EVEN if you did have 5 days supply.. thats NUTS noones fault but your own! I travel A LOT and WOULD NEVER CHECK ANY MEDICATION!
Old Jun 6, 2007, 8:52 AM
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wow, so it's Delta's fault that you weren't smart enough to take your medication with you? If it's important medication then TAKE IT WITH YOU.
I would say that's common sense.

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