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Old Jun 21, 2011, 10:21 AM
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Default Continental Airlines Pnuemonia Threat

Dear All,

I have been through Continnentals website and cannot find any information on how to lodge a complaint....also when calling various numbers pertaining to the company no knows either...strange that!!

I am presently sitting with full blown Pnuemonia in both my lungs as a result of the total negligence of the Captain as well as other flight crew on the flight from Houston to Frankfurt on 15th June 2011 CO 0046. I sat in Economy and turned off the overhead aircon as was too cold, as did the passenger next to me and just about everyone i could see, the problem was with this model of aircraft there are central aircon that come from the centre of each aisle and go directly onto the people in the outer seating areas, this was too cold and too strong, i and other passengers called over a black man flight asistent who agreed it was indeed very cold, he immedieatly called the pilot and the aircon after a couple of minutes reduced to an acceptable level..however 30 mins later it went back up again. Once again the flight asistent was called and we went through the same process, again it went back up at which point i stated to the asistent that on a 10 hr flight we could all walk off with pnuemonia!! little did i know!

Upon landing at frankfurt i as well as others were in a fever, i had to go to a hotel and get medicine, before boarding my final flight to Larnanca, i got on the plane no fit to fly, and when home went to the doctor, i had fever, dry cough, pain in both sides of my back, headache, shortness of breath and simply could not function.....i am off with pnuemonia with 5 different medicines being taken.

Now this is not a simple fact of a small complaint it is directly related to continentals failure to act on what was happening in the aircraft. Comments please!!! as i want justice from Continental now.

I am not happy, to not be able to go near my daughter on her 1st birthday has also hit hard.
Old Jun 22, 2011, 7:50 AM
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I suggest you read this from the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services and one from the Center of Disease Control and I may have missed it but I can't find where it says cold air causes pneumonia.
Old Jun 22, 2011, 8:39 AM
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Default is the link to contact them with your complaint........

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