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Old Jun 25, 2013, 10:23 AM
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Default Air Asia deceiving customer AK1819

I would like to report what I feel is a deceitful act by Air Asia, low budget airline out of Malaysia which flies to various cities in Southeast Asia. Today I arrived at the Kuala Lumpur airport around four hours early from my flight time, so I decided to attempt to find an earlier flight to my final destination, being Singapore. I went to the Air Asia sales counter and they informed me that the flight cost would be 330 RM (a little over 100 USD). Knowing that there are often baggage fees on these low cost airlines for checked luggage weighting over 15 kg, I asked them how much this would be. They gave me a convoluted formula that I understood to mean my additional cost was 155 RM (about 50 USD), which I thought was ridiculous, but was still ready to pay. They then told me I had to buy my ticket at the sales counter and pay for baggage fee at check in. When I went to check in they told me my cost was over 650 RM (over 215 USD). Then then decided that I wanted nothing to do with this flight and demanded my money back since I was already booked on another flight but later that evening. They refused to return my money, even after speaking with several managers and pleading my case. As you might guess, I was livid and vow never to fly this deceitful airline again. Unfortunately, I have no recourse since I paid in cash because they said that they couldn't take my Amex or MC. Be very VERY careful using this airline, as their internal rules are unscrupulous.
Old Aug 11, 2013, 2:06 AM
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Default Air Asia - Another Baggage RIP OFF Story

Excess Baggage - What a "RIP OFF" by Air Asia:
On my return trip from Hobart to Bangkok I booked to bring my bicycle back.
I have never transported a bike before so I was unsure of the weight. I initially booked 15kg Sports Equipment with Air Asia at a cost of $45 AUS.
I was surprised when I booked the bike in at Hobart with Virgin Airlines that it weighed 20kg. This did not impact the cost from Virgin as I had booked for 1 piece of baggage which provided for weight up to 23kg. I flew from Hobart to Melbourne on 30th July and was flying with Air Asia the next day.
I logged onto the Air Asia internet site that night with the intention of increasing the weight for my bike from 15 to 20kg. The site would not allow me to access my booking. This was a surprise as Australian airlines do not allow you to finalise your booking until the last 48 hours prior to flying.
Air Asia promote pre-booked baggage saves you 66%, so when I was unable to increase the weight I expected to pay an additional $20 - $30.
I was HORRIFIED when I was asked to pay an ADDITIONAL $200 AUS!!!!
I was extremely frustrated and spoke with a manager who advised there was absolutely nothing that she could do. All Natasha could say was "I understand your frustration, I would be extremely frustrated too". As I was in transit I had no option but to pay the whopping $200 fee, or leave the bike at the airport.

Upon my return I emailed Air Asia requesting a refund of the excess baggage charge. Their response was the charge was in line with their excess baggage fees.
I then phoned Air Asia who responded with:
1. Why did you pay the fee in the first place?
As I said earlier I was in transit, I had two options pay the fee or surrender the bike.
2. I was told if I was an Air Asia member I could have accessed the booking.
Once I booked the flight with Air Asia they invited me to become a member and I did join. But because the booking was prior to the membership the booking was not referenced.
3. Why didn't you phone Air Asia?
Did not cross my mind, all airlines promote do it yourself via the internet.

I wish to share my HORRIFYING experience of Air Asia with as many people as I can. DO NOT fly Air Asia, I certainly will never fly with them again.

This is how they closed their emailed response to my inquiry:
"We apologise for the inconvenience caused. We truly appreciate your valued patronage and we look forward to serve you better in the future."


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