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Angry Cancelled flight #34. Rude rep Makeda. Lost Luggage. Won't rebook

I had been offered a flight on JetBlue after the Orlando Massacre so that I could spend some time with my family after this tragedy a mile from my house and knowing a shooting victim. I booked my flight for July 8 to 14. While I was on my first leg of my flight, my connecting flight apparently got cancelled. When I arrived at JFK, I found out while getting to my next gate. I went to the jetBlue info desk and was told I was rescheduled on a flight the next morning. The rep told me I could either leave and come back for the flight or stay at the airport. The flight wasn't departing for 19 hours. After getting something to eat, I had concluded I wasn't going to stay in an airport for 19 hours with no sleep or anything. My phone was dead and had no way to contact my mother waiting on the other end for me. I decided I would just come back to Orlando. I went to the jetBlue info desk and asked to be booked on a flight back. The rep named Makeda was very rude and told me if she booked me on the flight back it was the end of the line for me and my trip was over. I said well i'm not staying in an airport for 19 hours. I was booked on a flight connecting in Boston then to Orlando. I finally was able to charge my phone a little at the airport in Boston and had a call about my luggage at JFK. The rep was wanting to know which flight to put it on. I told them about what was going on and they said they would put it on the next flight to Orlando and it would be here when I arrived. I got to Orlando and my luggage was nowhere to be found. I finally got my luggage 2 days after I arrived back here. I emailed jetBlue about this ordeal on the 9th. The email I sent them was:

"To whom it may concern,

I want to thank JetBlue again for the trip to see my family after the Orlando massacre. I booked my trip for July 8, 2016 through July 14, 2016 with confirmation code XXXXXX.
On July 7, 2016 I checked in for my flight and paid the $20 for my checked bag for my trip. On the morning of July 8 I left for the airport around 7:30am so that I could drop my car off at an airport parking lot for the duration of my trip. I then went to the airport and checked my bag at the baggage counter. There was nothing said about any issues with my trip at that time. When I got to JFK, I checked my ticket for the gate number of my flight to Burlington. When I got to the gate, someone told me I needed to go to the Just Ask desk because my flight was cancelled. Once I got to the Just Ask desk, I waited in line for nearly 45 minutes before I was able to talk to someone about my flight. The rep told me my flight was cancelled and I was booked on a flight for the next morning. She asked if anyone told me in Orlando about the cancellation and I said no. She told me I could either leave and come back or wait at the airport for 19 hours for the rescheduled flight. I wasnít about to do that. I donít know NYC and didnít feel comfortable staying in an airport for that long with no sleep. I went and got something to eat. My phone was dead by this time, but luckily my tablet had some power and I was able to get online. I was looking up other flights for other airlines to see if I could find something cheap to get to Burlington that day because my family was waiting for me on the other end. I couldnít find anything cheap that got in at a decent hour. At this time, I decided I would just come back to Orlando because I wasnít prepared or willing to sleep and stay in an airport for 19 hours. I went to another Just Ask desk. The rep I got to was named Makeda. She was very rude to start off. I told her what was going on and I wanted a flight back to Orlando. While talking to me and talking on 2 different phones at the same time and helping someone else she was rude. When I told her I wanted to come back to Orlando because I wasnít sleeping and staying in an airport for 19 hours, she told me if she booked me on a flight back to Orlando it was the end of the line for me and the end of my trip. Iím guessing she saw that it was a free trip provided to me by JetBlue due to the massacre here in Orlando and for me to see my mom. All while this is going on; my mother was worried not having talked to me because my phone was dead. When I checked online there was a flight at 7 something that wasnít full, but at the Just Ask desk the rep told me it was full and the only flight for me to get back to Orlando was on a flight from JFK to Boston then Boston to Orlando. Since it was the only flight available according to the rep, I took it. When I got to Boston there was a jack so that I could charge my phone and was able to charge it partly enough to call my mom and she was hysterical because I hadnít been able to get in touch with her with my phone being dead. I let her know what was going and she was heartbroken. This was supposed to have been a trip for me to see her after the Orlando massacre and allow me time to get away from the sadness and be with my family, but that never happened. While in Boston I got a voicemail from someone at JFK about my luggage. She saw that I was booked on a flight and on a standby list and wanted to know which flight to put my bags on. I called back when my phone was charged and gave them the flight information. They said they would put it on the next flight and it would be at the JetBlue baggage office when I arrived in Orlando. I finally got back to Orlando and went to the baggage office, and the ladies there told me my bag was only scanned on the flight to JFK and they didnít know where it was. They gave me a missing bag report number MCOB60058XXX and told me it should arrive by this morning. I got a call this afternoon that the bag was being delivered, but itís 7:15pm and I still havenít saw or heard about my bag. I told them it was important because my medication is in there. All of this was very hard to deal with because I was expecting to spend some time with my mom after the emotional toll the Orlando Massacre had on everyone, and all because of a cancelled flight Iím out this quality time to spend with her.



The next night I got the following reply from jetBlue regarding my email:

"To: [email protected]
Re: Email received - Sat 7/9/2016, Contact # 432098

Dear Sean,

Thank you for contacting JetBlue and for taking the time to share your experience. Your comments regarding baggage will be responded to separately by our Central Baggage team within 30 days. We appreciate the chance to address the remainder of your message.

You are a valued customer and we truly regret that your travel experience was not the smooth and pleasant one we strive to provide.

We understand how frustrated and upset you must have been to find that your flight from JFK to Burlington was rescheduled to the next day while you were on your flight to JFK. We also appreciate hearing how our airport crewmembers treated you. Please accept our sincere apology.

We have a team dedicated to making the decision which delayed flights will receive compensation in accordance with our Customer Bill of Rights. Because Flight #034 was delayed due to weather and Air Traffic Control disruptions, your flight didn't qualify for Customer Bill of Rights compensation.

However, as a gesture of goodwill, we've issued a $25 JetBlue credit to your Travel Bank account.
This credit is valid for one year from the date of issuance and can be applied to future JetBlue airfare. For more information about using Travel Bank credits, please visit XXXXXXX

Although a credit could never compensate for the lost time with your family during such a difficult time, please accept this as a token of our appreciation and an invitation to allow us to serve you once again.

Thanks for sharing your feedback and for choosing to fly with us. We look forward to providing a much better JetBlue experience on a future flight.

Kind regards,

JetBlue | Customer Commitment
Crewmember 21083"

Apparently jetBlue thinks that losing my luggage with my medication in it and the heartbreak of my mother not knowing what's going on waiting at the other end is only worth $25 and in actuality $5 because I paid $20 for my checked luggage. I definitely won't be flying jetblue anymore though considering how I was treated on this flight.
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