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Default 67 Days and Still Waiting for a Response for my Lost Bag

It has been 79 days since United handlers lost/took my bag. It has been 71 days since they received my personal porperty request form by registered mail and 67 days since they put it into their computer system. (Yes, it took 4 days from the time it arrived at United in Chicago for them to put it into the database.)

When it was lost, I was forced (if I wanted to be reimbursed) to write down everything in that bag. It included things like personal items, bras and underwear - that included SIZE, BRAND and where it was purchased. I am sure that the person reading my crequest form will enjoy that so much.

My calls have been routed to Customer Service reps all over the world. I have made over 15 calls and only once spoken to an American in IL. I frustrated because the language skills of these Reps. were TERRIBLE. Half the time, I could not understand them. On three occassions, I was told that a Supervisor would be calling me back, I never received any call backs. Twice I was told that my luggage was found, it was incorrect and ONCE I was told that my luggage would be on my porch in the morning... needless to say, it was not there.

Really, I am at the point of wanting to know if I can sue United Airlines. I would like to know what my options are. I have wasted so much time and energy but United continues not to do their job. I feel like my claim is not important to them. I wonder why they have such poor customer service.
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Default deceptive tactics, beauraucracies, and false statements

United lost my luggage during my Seattle to Indianapolis trip in October 2006. Since I have traveled with United many times prior without any major incidents, I trusted that my luggage would be found and delivered. I contacted United several time within 2 days to follow up on the status. I was ensured that the bag was being tracked. I was encouraged to buy necessary items to attend business and personal functions. Since I had premier executive status with United for many years and the severe inconvenience I was placed under, I was informed that my reimbursement rate would be more than 50%, a company proposed standard.

After my return to Seattle, I have given up hope of ever seeing my belongings again. I filled out all the required claim forms. I received no communication from United about the status of my claim. When I informed United that I will seek legal advice, I received a letter stating that I did not complete necessary forms to help with the tracking process. On the contrary, I have a confirmation receipt from United stating that all information has been received. The United luggage agent at Seattle airport also confirmed that all documents were in place.

The cost of my luggage exceeds 4,000 dollars. I am not terribly concern about my economic costs. However, I am very disappointed with how United covered up their mistakes with deceptive tactics, beauraucracies, and false statements.

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