Baggage Problems Had any problems with your baggage on AirTran Airways?

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Old May 22, 2009, 8:35 PM
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Beware!! I recently had a bad experience with AirTran and noone including the CEO was helpful. I was charged a $39 add on fee on the RETURN leg of my flight from Dallas for my standard Tumi garment bag. They advised me that the overall exterior dimensions of the bag were too large (not due to overweight or overpacking). I have flown numerous trips with this bag and have never been charged such a fee. I suspect that the employees are incentivized to generate add on fees and queried the CEO on this matter, but got no response.
Old May 23, 2009, 3:21 AM
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Unfortunately, you will not receive a response from the CEO. The best method of action is to file a complaint with AirTran and the Department of Transportation. The agents should enforce the bag charges at all times to ensure consistency and minimize confusion. I bet many of the agents are not aware of the silly daily updates on bag sizes and weights. Good luck to you.
Old May 23, 2009, 9:30 PM
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This type of random dimension enforcememnt seems to be happening more frequently at AirTran. Remember for every complaint we see posted here there are probably hundreds we never hear about. Someone needs to write a letter to the Attorney General of the State of Florida where AirTran is headquartered to have them look into the unscrupulous practices.

In the mean time, I have a suggestion. If you know your bag is within the allowed weight and dimensions and the agent insists that you pay an excess fee or not fly, go ahead and pay the fee ON A CREDIT CARD. Do not use a debit card if you don't absolutely need to. Then if presented with anything to sign DO NOT SIGN THE EXCESS FEE RECEIPT. This is VERY important. They've already swiped your card and have your funds. Simply REFUSE TO SIGN. Wait until the charge posts to your account (not just pending or a hold or approval) and call your credit card company or bank and DISPUTE THE CHARGE. Tell the CC or bank representative that you DID NOT SIGN ANYTHING. They should at least temporarily reverse the charge pending investigation. Without yur signature AirTran has little choice but to accept the chargeback.
Old May 25, 2009, 1:06 PM
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There are times when a bag could be overweight/oversized one way and not on the return, depending on what is in the bag. If your bag is 62" and over, you will be charged. This is standard with all airlines (check their websights if you don't believe me) they don't always enforce it. I admit there is a lot of inconsistancy with airlines not enforcing their rules, but please don't take it out on the person who is doing their job.

By the way PHXFlyer, you are never given anything to sign when you buy a ticket or pay for fees. The fact that you gave over your credit card is enough. There is no way someone went into your pocket to get it. CC companys may reverse a fraud charge, but if you were charged a fee, and you went into your pocket and handed over your card, that is not fraud. It is just a valid charge that you do not agree with.

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