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Default I stil can believe

This is several months after I should have written this, however it seems to be still bothering me. I’m 24 years old. Back in July I had the chance to meet my mother for the first time. She now lives in Texas. I have never flown before, so it was an all around new experience our flight leFt Tampa sat morning. Everything was great, on time and everything ran smooth. However, come back wasn’t so easy. I thought our flight was suppose to return the following Sunday. So that Sunday we pack everything in the car and go to say our goodbyes. I look at the tickets to check the time. Only to realize that our flight actually left the day before on Saturday’s figured it was a mistake but I would be able to get some kind of help; especially with the economy bad people still being iffy about flying. I called and spoke to a representative who told me there was nothing I could do. I would have to pay 500 dollars a ticket to leave that day. I was in shock that the conversation went this way so I called back and tried with a new rep. I explained the situation, she told me she would try to help cause there was a flight leaving that day at 5:30 and it was not ever half way full. During our conversation the signal got disconnected. At this point I was highly frustrated. I tried back several times with no success. Finally then I gave up. At about 4:15 I tried one last attempt at a different angle. I called spoke to a rep. told her I really needed to leave Texas that day. The rep. replied we have a flight leaving at 5:30. I asked if the plain was full. The rep replied saying no there is plenty of seats. I then stated my situation. That i had missed my flight the day before . She looked something up and told me I was out of luck and it would cost 1000 dollars for 2 new tickets. I replied by saying I don’t understand. I asked you rather a flight leave not full then accommodate two people who had made a mistake and missed their flight. It was not like i was going to take someone’s seats. Nor was i trying to get something free. It was a mistake. I was shocked that no one could help me. Once again this was my first experience flying and what a bad experience it was. After all the appraise i got from managers and owners from my several jobs. I have 4 jobs, some in the industrial and some in entertainment and retail. Never would I have expected to be treated like this. It is a chain reaction of one person giving some bad feed back to just 5 people. Those 5 people tell 5 each. Now we are at 25, those 25 tell 5 each. Now we are at 125..Now 15 people never fly american airlines again and the loss is in to the thousands of dollars.
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so let me get this straight. because YOU missed your flight and didn't take the time to look at your flight schedule before you left and for the airline following their rules, 125 wont fly american....yeah makes sense. i find this your mistake for not looking at your itenerary.
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Have to agree with Corbel, YOU messed up and want someone else to clean up your mess. At 24 you need to learn to be responisble for you actions
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Gee...I guess American should have phoned you on Friday and said, "Hey, don't forget your flight tomorrow!" Grow up. Lesson learned. Your threat to cost thousands of dollars to American because of your mistake is ludicrous.
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There is nothing wrong w/ you being 24, or on your first flight....the rest of your complaint speaks for itself, sorry. Reading your flight plans is very important.

Are you from the US? Just wondering due to the lack of eloquence on your written complaint or maybe it affected your comprehension of the return date on your ticket (European dates being numbered by day/month rather then US month/day).

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