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Thumbs down Whose got Spirit? No me anymore

Note: This is a real-life account of what happened to me, Jennifer Wilson, as I attempted to travel from St Maarten to Los Angeles, February 18 - 19 2012 on Spirit Airlines. I hope it sufficiently conveys the suffering I endured at the hands of this company and convinces you and anyone you know to pay that extra few dollars and go with a reliable brand. Trust me, you'll get there much quicker.

Whose got Spirit? Not me anymore!

There is an independent US flight carrier called Spirit Airlines. In the following paragraphs I will outline why you should never use this airline, particularly if you actually want to reach your destination on time.

I boarded the first half of my St Maarten (SXM) to Los Angeles (LAX) flight, finally detaching myself from the sunny shores of the Caribbean to ultimately get back home to my family, boyfriend and friends in Australia. The flight left late and I was the last to board - through no fault of my own, mainly due to the fact they forgot to assign me a seat.

You see, their systems were down so they had to manually check in everyone and when they finally located a list that I was on, I didn't have a seat. At the boarding gate, the situation hadn't changed - in fact, they had to relocate the correct list again while still asking, "You're sure you booked on this flight?" Yes, I'm sure.

So I was that last person walking onto the plane. You can imagine the daggers in everyone's eyes ("Oh, she's the reason we're sat here not leaving! Couldn't she just get to the gate on time like everyone else??!"). Yeah, I could feel the love on that plane.

We arrived at Fort Lauderdale (FLL) not too late, thanks to the pilot making up some time in the air. I had over two hours until my next flight so there was time to get my bags and down to the next desk to get my proper boarding pass, having been given a hastily written pass with a guess at my flight number and "?" for which gate and boarding time it would be. Professional.

When I arrived at the Spirit desk, I was informed that my flight to LAX was cancelled due to mechanical problems. She seemed a little surprised I was still trying to check in. Even though when I did get onto the internet there had been no attempt at contact prior to my arrival in FLL.

I was informed of two choices - a refund or be put into a hotel for the night and flown to LAX the next day. Easy enough, except that the hotel was in Chicago (ORD) as they claimed not to have ONE hotel room available in the whole of FLL for me. This, in turn, meant my new flight from ORD to LAX would get me into LAX just one hour prior to my flight to Sydney departing. I was nervous, knowing how big the LAX airport was, and that Spirit had a tendency to be late. But I knew a refund would be pointless, as any ticket I bought last-minute would be about 4x the amount I paid on this low-cost carrier.

Thankfully, FLL offers free wifi access and so I was able to connect my laptop and find the phone number of the family friend I was meant to be meeting that evening in LA. The clerk kindly leant me her mobile to make the call, as I had a broken iPhone and no credit on my almost flat Sony. I also emailed my friend just in case.

I checked my bags in, trying not to let all this overwhelm me, and was told I'd find someone with the hotel vouchers etc at the boarding gate - or at least there would be more information. The clerk then told me to go up to the Spirit booking desk and get a form stating it was Spirit's fault. This form would then ensure I could move my booking with Delta - or so they said. Having checked into my new flight to ORD, I then had to get a shuttle bus to another terminal to get to the Delta desk and try to shift my flight.

I got there at 8:05pm. The desks closed at 8pm. Apparently these people like to leave on time, I thought, as I literally chased the last one to leave and hounded them for anyone that could help. I was directed to the left baggage office for Delta, which housed the only employee still working at that hour, but was again faced with no solution. Handing me a card, she told me I could re-book my flight no problem over the phone with the 24-hour line. I was dubious, wondering how they'd know it wasn't my own carelessness in missing the flight. But I chose to have faith.

Stuffing the card into my laptop case, I returned back to the shuttle bus stop and sat, wiping the new escaped tears from my cheeks, and tried to stay positive. I will make my mum's birthday. It will be a terrific surprise. I will see my boyfriend again. It will happen. But that niggling though in the back of my head just couldn't quite convince me fully.

Because I'd taken a little while longer getting to the boarding gate for Spirit, the manager was just walking off and the clerk told me to chase after him and ask about the vouchers. He radioed someone and was told they'd be waiting for me in ORD. And the game of Pass The Buck continues.

A funny thing happened while I was waiting to board. The flight was overbooked and they offered two people the chance to go on another flight, staying in a nearby hotel for the night and getting a voucher for their kindness. A nearby hotel you say? Strange you couldn't find me one of those when you cancelled my flight without warning.

The flight boarded early, actually, and that meant we were in the air right on time and even on the ground slightly early despite some rough weather. Credit to the pilot. We arrived just before midnight to a ghost town airport, and I was not really surprised to find no one waiting as promised with my vouchers. Again I went to the baggage claim office and they radioed someone to come down with the vouchers.

I received one voucher for a room at the Hyatt and three food vouchers, all USD$7 each and supposed to be for breakfast, lunch and dinner. "They're valid at the hotel AND the airport," the man said reassuringly. Great, that means I can get a bottle of water and a straw. At either famously inflated venues. Well, I guess I need to diet. Thanks for giving me the motivation, Spirit.

I enquired about internet access to inform my family of the delay and try to organise my further flight connections, and was told it would be free in my room. I looked closer at my ticket - USD$9.95 per day. "Oh, sorry, yeah it mustn't be free then." And breakfast? "You can use your vouchers for that." I'm sorry, you want me to use $7 for breakfast at the Hyatt? What about a phone to call Delta? "I'm sure the hotel has very reasonable rates." Tight doesn't even start to cut it.

He led me to where the shuttle to the hotel left, a 24-hour free service. Free! Oh, how I missed that word! I met another lady, Kally, who was in the same predicament as me except she was American and on her way to give support to a sick relative. Not as time-sensitive as my situation, but still very frustrating.

When she spoke with the representative, we realised she'd been given a different amount of vouchers from a different clerk in FLL, including one extra night at the hotel to accommodate the late departure of our ongoing flight. Now why was she given something different? She'd also been asked to sign her papers, whereas I just had mine thrust into my hand. Something I'd later realise. She'd also been asked to keep a record of any extra costs incurred while delayed by the airline and they would be re-imbursed.

At least we had each other to speak to, since the rep from Spirit swiftly vanished after the shuttle came. We braced ourselves against the cold winter blast (that's right, I'm NOT in the Caribbean anymore!) and shuffled into the shuffle. Maybe that's where it got the name? In the bus, Kally said I could chill in her room after I had to check out the next day, and we'd try to be frugal with our measly meal vouchers.

At the hotel, the night guy was a little mean, not even budging past half an hour more time to check out the next day. Whatever. I was passed caring, I just wanted bed. I lugged my huge bags into the elevator and we went into our side-by-side rooms, Kally falling asleep shortly and me pottering around on the internet, showering and generally staying awake longer than I needed to. It was local time almost 2am (almost 4am St Maarten time) and I planned on a reasonably early start in the morning to sort out my Delta flight, which I thought best to do in person than on the phone.

Morning came and I woke just before my alarm, being used to early starts in St Maarten. This time, however, I was cucooned in a soft down duve and a million fluffy pillows. It was a nice sleep, I have to admit, and the shower the night before had pressure I'd forgotten was possible to clean yourself with. Living in the St Maarten ghetto really did lower some of my standards.

I got to breakfast just after Kally and we sat eating our omelettes, talking about our families and our lives. She is a lovely girl, married with two kids, and seemed to enjoy the choices she'd made in her life. I seemed like such a gypsy compared to her, but that's nothing new.

We headed off to the airport without our luggage to sort this fiasco out, not realising how much of a fiasco it would actually become. First stop was Delta's counter, where I told them the truncated version of my story and got the response that they couldn't change any flight for LAX from ORD's desk. Access denied.

Next, we paid a friendly visit to Spirit's desk, in the next terminal (only this time we had to walk there in the freezing cold). We were trying to enquire as to other routes that would get us into LAX earlier, but they said the flight we were on was the only option. We asked for the manager, Dianne Keys, to try and help us, which turned out to be a complete waste of time. She listened to us and point-blank said there was nothing she could do. There was no one above her and we were stuck on that flight. Then she walked away.

The front desk clerks and the supervisor below her, on the other hand, were more sympathetic to my blood-red eyes and trembling lip, and tried to find another solution. They did find another flight that would go via Las Vegas, but that was overbooked by nine people. If we by chance pulled strings to get to the front of the standby list, there was no guarantee we'd get lucky and make it onto the flight. Then we'd be stuck in Las Vegas. Not a chance.

One of the clerks, Sabrina Dooley, leant me her phone (Dianne didn't even offer to use any of Spirit's phones) to call Delta's airline and I spoke to a lady, who was equally as unhelpful. She put me on hold to speak to her supervisor and came back saying I'd need to contact my travel agent to reorganise the booking. That was impossible, since the time was early morning in Australia. And if she was in fact talking about my booking with Spirit, I was the travel agent.

Basically, I was still required to pay the change fee (AUD$250) PLUS any differences in fare, which would have been substantial given the last-minute nature of the request. I simply don't have the cash to be doing that and, more to the point, I SHOULDN'T be paying to rectify something that is not my fault in the first place! The lady continued to be useless and I gave up. Next idea.

At the same time, Kally was on the phone to the head office of Spirit, well at least the only office open on a Sunday. Since they out-sourced their call centre, they don't have many people who can help on a day like Sunday and certainly didn't have the number that could get us anywhere near someone who had influence on this day. The manager didn't even give us these details, she just half-rolled her eyes and motioned to some piece of paper that had them written on it. Again, the clerk stepped in to help.

I came to the conclusion that the only way we were getting out of ORD without incurring extra costs for me was if Spirit dipped into their pockets and paid for either the change in my flight to Australia with Delta or paid for an earlier flight with another carrier to LAX. Both requests were denied, not even with a flat, "No", again with the turned back and continued ignorance of Dianne. It really makes me wonder what kind of customer service medals she won to get promoted into that position of power.

Again, the clerks were busy at the desk looking up other flights for us and found a U.S. Airways route leaving in a couple of hours that would get us there several hours before my Australian flight, while they also murmured that it may be possible to speak to a manager at the Las Vegas end to see what possibilities there were to get us on the overbooked flight. I didn't hold me breath - all this help seemed to be met with mute mockery by the manager, who had done all she could to ensure her company wasn't shelling out "unnecessary" reparations and the customer was still getting a) out of her hair and b) eventually to her destination. Never mind it was at the cost of her long-haul flight to Australia - in fact, the longest direct flight offered anywhere in the world, at almost 15 hours.

When the realisation that this airline was in fact not going to help us any further and actually couldn't give a damn whether I made my flight to Sydney or not, I start losing the plot. Any composure I'd previously held onto dissolved. I lost my ****. Starting crying hysterically and throwing my arms about, directing my voice straight at the back of the manager who was actively involving herself in a conversation completely separate to our plight at the other end of the desk.

I started hyperventilating and thought I was going to pass out. My mind was in overload and I didn't know what to do or think next. These people had completely ****ed my way home and were now too tight to do anything about it. Dianne, at this stage, had walked out the back to have a meeting with someone about something completely unrelated to my situation and when the friendly Supervisor, Phillip Sharpley, went in to see if she was reviewing what options we have, he was told, "I am not revisiting the situation." Not revisiting the situation. Now that's progress.

At this point, mid-rant, Phillip shuffled me over to a nearby chair and one of the clerks came out with half a foam cup of water. I expect to see that charged on the bill of my next flight (if by some strange reason I chose to fly Spirit again). He promised to do all he could to try and help us, but considering the lady with the power was turning her back on us, I doubted anything more could be done.

When he didn't return for a little while, and we noticed the time was now approaching the check-out time for me (not for Kally, remember, she got one more hotel voucher than me), I walked back to the counter and asked for an update. He said there was nothing more they could give us, so it looked like I was stuck running from terminal to terminal - granted Spirit landed on time - and hoping to make my flight to Sydney.

This deeply upset me but I was powerless. Powerless against a company so utterly unconcerned with the welfare of their passengers and unable even to carry out a reliable service. This company, part of the larger airline corporation, does not care about its passengers. The people at the front desk care, but that means little when it's the management that make things happen. And they, above all, are the ones who offered the least help to us.

We enquired to a surprised Dianne (who'd re-emerged thinking we'd left and literally jumped when she saw us still at the counter) about getting more food vouchers, as the $7 per meal was only covering half our expenses (and we were eating basic meals), and the hotel room was fast expiring for me. She said (another) flat no, saying "we both agreed to the the options presented to us at the time of the cancellation" - we agreed, but reminded her that same option yielded two separate results depending on where Spirit had given us the vouchers. How can that be correct? She pointed to the place where I signed for the vouchers - there was no signature, I'd never been asked to sign a thing. The disorganisation of this company bewilders me.

Dianne now washing her hands completely with us, and we turned back to friendly Phillip. All he could do from then was put a call into Spirit at LAX and ask for information about the landing and departure terminals of both my flights, and how close they were situated to each other. He gave me all the information he could to help me get that flight. With slumped shoulders, I thanked him for his help and voluntarily staying beyond the end of his shift, and walked begrudgingly back to Delta to try one last time for something that could help me.

The staff at Delta were equally as friendly, although the big difference here was that that friendliness extended to management as well. Kathy, in her red coat, came immediately over and explained that while they couldn't change my flight, if I arrived within an hour of its takeoff, their "Flat Tyre Policy" would allow them to change it free of charge to the next available flight. They also put a note on my reservation to be mindful my connecting flight was just an hour between, and it was on Spirit (that should've waved the biggest flag right there). Finally, a company that cares about its customers! They told me to stay positive and I tried to take their advice.

Back at the hotel, I had just enough time to check out of my room and put my luggage into Kally's room. We shared the remaining hours in that room as I had nowhere else to go. Then it was another hotel shuttle bus to the airport with our luggage and up to the desk at Spirit. Well, it wasn't quite that smooth. The airline only had two check-in clerks on at the time, one a self-confessed "untrained newcomer" to the team who was being given no guidance and basically fumbled his way through the system with each guest. My case caused him particular headache, with all its complications.

Bless him, he tried, but there is little you can work with when you're thrust onto the frontline with no formal training and no one there to back you up. I'm not sure where the next manager was at this stage, I saw her floating around with the same impenetrable scowl as her predecessor.

The trainee (though that term usually applies to someone who is getting training) had asked me to repack my bags evenly in weight (even though on the last two Spirit flights I took this was never mentioned), so I lugged awkwardly my crappy plastic bag way too full with clothes to the scanner and proceeded to security check. Had my hair patted down for the first time as it has been styled in a dreadlock turban (ha!), but otherwise all went smoothly. Used the last of my meal vouchers in MacDonalds - yuck! - but without choice, as anywhere else would have certainly exceeded the $7 price tag.

The flight started boarding on time, and things were finally looking up. Maybe I was going to make this flight after all. We all settled in on the plane, me right up the front so it was easiest to scram once we landed. The flight attendant announced we were ready for take-off. So we waited. And waited. And waited.

Eventually, the pilot (the same lady from my previous flight, actually) came on the speaker phone and told us the computers were not functioning as they should on the flight deck and they needed to re-power the airplane. They fixed and fiddled and twisted and turned, in the flight deck, under the plane... and finally, after an hour, we were back in action. Unfortunately, by that stage it was clear I would not reach my flight to Australia. Does this saga ever end?

The flight attendant, Jose, tried to help me as best he could once we were in the air. I guess he noticed my tear-streaked face and red, bloodshot eyes. He found a map of LAX airport and drew it onto a napkin for me, and used another napkin to write down the arrival and departure gates more accurately for me one more time. I had a good idea of how to make it to the terminal but no chance of making it there for my original flight. He made a good suggestion of going straight there to rebook my ticket and then getting my baggage. He also gave me a complimentary drink and snack, which I thought was nice.

As predicted, the flight got in an hour late, exactly when my Delta plane was pulling out of the gates. Nonetheless, I ran out the doors of my plane and sped to the next terminal to sort out my ticket. My boarding gate was closed and I couldn't find anyone to help me, then I spotted a Delta employee who pointed me to the ticket office. She asked for the piece of paper from Spirit confirming their cancellation which until now I'd deemed utterly useless, and was able to get on the next flight. Only that flight was 24 hours away. It is lucky I had a friend lined up "just in case" to pick me up, and Delta let me borrow their phone to call him. The lengths SOME airlines will go to to help their customers. And so it was that I was delayed in LA for 24 hours and would no longer get to surprise my mother on her birthday on February 21.

The problem with Spirit doesn't lie with the friendly, eager and motivated people at the frontline - the front desk clerks, the flight attendants, the boarding gate crew - it lies with the management. The people eyeballing their budgets, to the detriment of their customers - the very people that allow their precious company to exist - and without concern that one bad experience speaks a thousand more volumes that 20 great experiences. You know the old rule - you'll only hear about the bad news.

After this, my first time with Spirit, I will NEVER fly this airline again and I will continue to spread this story to everyone I know. I do a lot of travelling - in fact, this trip home marks the end of a four-year sojourn around the world in which I visited several continents and took countless flights on major and independent carriers. This is hands-down the worst experience I have ever had with an airline and to be honest, every person I told about it - the hotel staff, other passengers waiting in the Spirit queue, family members - all simultaneously responded with, "Oh, you were flying Spirit? No wonder you were jerked around!" What a reputation to have.

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I understand your frustrations, but nevertheless you choose to book a point to point ticket with a low cost airline to LAX.

The delay was certainly huge, but the simple facts is that

1. Delta is not responsible for your delay with Spirit and have a valid right to charge you a change fee or missed flight fee.

2. Spirit is certainly responsible for the delay but not for your further connections in LAX, you may claim compensation for the hours of delay, but not for the fee Delta charges you.

Never book seperate tickets if you want to be on the safe side..
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Originally Posted by bilingual View Post
Never book seperate tickets if you want to be on the safe side..
From a legal standpoint, I agree with what bilingual says in particular the above quoted line. To be perfectly honest, i did not read the OP's entire post. It was just too long and seemed more like a novel than a complaint. All this said, I think there an underlying issue that is bugging passengers since a long time.

Why are airlines allowed to delay flights without compensating customers? I know there are lots of reasons why flights are delayed - weather, mechanical, ATC, etc. just to name a few. But even with these issues, why should the airlines not have to bear any consequences of not getting the passenger from point A to point B on time (within a reasonable buffer, say 4 hours)? Passengers make plans based on the flight timings and schedule. If the flight is delayed/cancelled, these plans are impacted. So the passenger bears the burden of additional costs to alter these plans. It only seems logical that the airline should compensate them for it.

Airlines make the argument that there are things beyond their control - weather, unexpected mechanical issues, whatever. Fair point. But then, if a passenger is delayed (due to reasons beyond the passenger's control like unexpected traffic, road accidents, weather issues that slow traffic, car breakdown, and many others), why is it justified for the airline to collect additional fees for rebooking. In a fair system, the airlines should not be allowed to collect these fees.
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Thumbs down Spirit Airline Lack of Spirit when Canceling Flights

Date: February 21, 2012 * Airline: Spirit Air * Flight #:NK678 * Depart: FT Myers / 9:42 PM * Arrive: Detroit / 12:27 AM(+1)

Note: Scroll to bottom for Summary.

This flight was reserved and purchased in September of 2011. The flight to FT Myers on February 15th, transpired without incident.

However, at about 6:50 PM, just under three (3), hours before the flight from Ft Myers to Detroit was to depart, Spirit sent an e-mail stating the flight had been cancelled.

This e-mail, prompted follow-up calls and a check of their website.

A call to the number they included in their e-mail, reached Misty who assured my wife on three different times, that the flight had not been cancelled, but had been delayed with a new departure time of 11:30 PM.

This information prompted my wife to leave for the Ft Myers’ airport immediately, knowing that there could be confusion and a need to get there to get seat assignments, etc.

Upon arriving at Spirit, there was a huge line of passengers attempting to get correct information.

In the meantime, I accessed Spirit's website, which confirmed the flight had been delayed, not cancelled with a departure time of 11:32 PM as stated over the phone, by Misty. (See Screen Capture, below)

At the Spirit Flight desk, there was never an announcement made regarding the flight. But each passenger was spoken to individually.

At one point, a male spirit employee, stated in a loud voice that “... it’s cancelled! Soonest we can get you out is Saturday.” ( 02/25 !)

During the 2 1/2 hours waiting in line, another male Spirit employee came down the line with a piece of paper. He was saying that another they were offering was to transport passengers by bus to Orlando from Ft Myers airport at 6:00 AM the following morning, 02/22. They would then fly from Ft Myers to Chicago, and from Chicago to Detroit - arriving in Detroit at about 11:00 PM, 02/22.

A 17 hour day of travel! This gentleman, however, never spoke to our party of stranded passengers.

My wife continued to wait in line, not knowing exactly what Spirit was offering passengers, due to the “delay” or “cancellation.” Had she known for sure what the actual status of the flight was, perhaps she would not have had to waste so much time waiting in line.

At some point during this long wait, another statement was made that, “They might be able to get the passengers out by Tuesday, ( 02/28 ! ) or provide a refund.”

Finally after about 2 1/2 hours my wife reached the desk. The attendant told my wife the flight had been cancelled, and that she could have a refund or their next available flight, which was Saturday 02/25. Or the attendant would be willing to help find another flight using Kayak.

My wife asked to speak with a supervisor. After another 15 minute wait, Susie, the supervisor on duty arrived.

She quickly made it very apparent that she had been well trained to show no empathy or compassion for customers her company had effectively stranded, without recourse. She informed my wife, that per the contract, that my wife had agreed to by purchasing tickets with Spirit, she had two choices to offer stranded passengers: 1) A refunded or 2) a seat on the next available flight.

She effectively told my wife, you agreed to the contract by buying the tickets. If you didn’t read the contract, too bad.

The supervisor’s demeanor was very condescending and at one point she complained she had been “...dealing with this since seven-thirty (7:30), in the morning.”

That statement made it clear that Spirit had been experiencing problems all day, and could have notified their customers considerably earlier than the 6:50 PM e-mail they had sent out, which would have given their stranded passengers the entire day to seek alternative routes home.

At one point in the conversation the supervisor did offer a $50 dollar voucher, but never made good on that offer.

The end result... Even though Spirit’s website continued to show the flight had been delayed, and that the flight would depart at 11:32 PM, the attendant insisted that the flight had in fact been cancelled. My wife was left with making the least costly choice. Accept a refund and attempt to find another flight out on another airline.

She received a refund of $127.69. She had to pay $254.10 to purchase a flight out the next day, with a stopover in Charlotte. She lost a day of work, costing her a day’s pay.

But, what was even more bothersome was the total lack of respect or concern for the customers who had purchased tickets in good faith from Spirit Air.

Our niece and her boy friend were on the same flight. They received a total of $132 back for their two tickets and had to pay $508.20 for their return flight; both losing a day at work.

There was a young family with 4 children. One child was a hysterical due to the stress caused between their parents. I can only imagine what they had to pay for tickets to fly home!

In any other business, if the business accepts payment for service or products and then does not deliver, there is recourse. Not so, in the airline industry.

If they can label the problem mechanical, they are free to excuse their paying customers, as inconvenient nuisances.

When buying tickets to fly Spirit Air, you essentially agree to be treated poorly and with no respect if they are unable to provide you the service they have sold you, and that you have had to pre-pay for.

If you buy airline tickets from Spirit Air, you will eventually regret that decision. They offer their passengers absolutely nothing outside of a ticket to fly, without an additional fee. You can still use the restroom without being charged extra, but that is about it. You must pay for any other convenience. Luggage, seats, water, anything has a fee.

When you decide to fly with Spirit Air, your decision is mostly likely being made due to their inexpensive ticket prices. However, remember - if they experience any problem at all, you as their pre-paying customer is the least of their concern. You are essentially expendable regardless of the cost or inconvenience to you.

They will undoubtedly claim that the problem is due to mechanical difficulties, which exempts them from any responsibility at all. As a consumer, how can your verify that claim?

My wife had to pay a 100% premium to find a ticket home! And that’s not even taking into consideration the extra travel cost to and from the airport, the additional cost to stay another night or the lost day of work. Multiply that by the entire full-flight of passengers!

She would have been ahead to have paid more for the original round trip flight, than to be forced to pay a premium to find a ticket home at the last minute.

My wife heard a few things among the grumbling passengers left in limbo... One was that they had heard Spirit Air was experiencing financial difficulties, and they could be going under. Another was that the FAA had grounded several of their planes due to their not passing maintenance inspections. And finally, that the way Spirit Air employees treated the stranded passengers - making them wait so long in line, was actually a tactic, used to wear down the resistance of their disgruntled passengers. They also brought in four security guards, as further intimidation.

Consumers, beware! When buying tickets from Spirit Air - don’t!!!

Their staff reduced both my wife and niece to tears with their negative, condescending behavior towards them. Neither tend to cry easily.

We are committed to never, ever flying Spirit Air, ever again. We will drive, before we fly that airline anywhere. Because the true and actual cost to fly Spirit Air, is way too high!


- Cancellation.
- Confusion whether flight was cancelled or delayed
  1. 6:50 PM: e-mail notification of flight cancellation issued
  2. 7:00 PM: Misty stated flight was not cancelled
  3. 7:05 PM Spirit Air website showed flight as delayed, showing a revised departure time.

- Failure to notify passengers when problems apparently began 7:30 AM - according to Spirit Air Supervisor Susie.

- Inconsistent information provided at Spirit Air desk at airport.

- 2 1/2 hour wait to get final determination of flight status being cancelled - despite website showing flight as delayed.

- Ft Myers, Spirit Air Supervisor Susie: rude, condescending, complained about her job responsibilities

Purchased: Round trip tickets cost: $255.38
Refund: $127.69 (return leg)
Cost to find flight back: $254.10
Cost to stay another night: $156.55
Cost for transport to/from airport $25.00
Cost of Lost wages: $250 (conservative)
Total actual cost for round trip flight: $813.34!
A 218% premium caused by flying Spirit Airlines
cancelled, disorganised, mechanical problems, rude, uncaring

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