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Default Main Cabin electrical problems flt 176 & 177

Delta Flight from Atlanta to Dublin 176 Oct 4, 2010 and return flight 177 OCT 21, 2010 tail #N1200 a B767-300ER
Flight 177 Dublin to Atlanta on Oct 21, 4 hours left in the flight the flight attendants announce that there is a ringing alarm from a bad call light button in their area and they choose to turn off basically all electronics in the main cabin (movies, audio, overhead light, call buttons) so they wouldn’t have to listen to the call button noise, this was for their convince not the passengers. The main cabin had no lights, movies or call buttons working for the remainder of the flight. We were told to open the shade on the windows so we could have light in the main cabin. Good thing this was a daylight flight. Was anyone at risk? Yes, we all were because in case of an emergency for any reason, there were no call lights.
When the video monitors were on, monitor at seat 31 A/B side was so dark you could hardly see the picture. Monitor at 17 A/B had wide vertical bands in the picture and monitor 26 G/F was also very dark.
We flew the very same plane on Oct 4, 2010 flight 176 and had similar problems with the electrical system, movies would be interrupted, overhead lights would quit working. Fortunately they didn’t decide to turn off the whole electrical system in the main cabin; they just kept trying to reset it, thus the many interruptions.
I noticed the very same monitor conditions on both flights, so I am sure it was the very same plane in both directions.
It is my guess that plane #N1200 is still flying the same route with the same problems that have not been repaired, permanently fixed or monitors replaced.
Fight 177, the head flight attendant in the tail section, tall dark short hair, imitation pearl necklace, all black pants outfit, forgot to leave her personal life attitude at the gate. She never smiled, even when smiled at, during the entire flight. She was civil but cold with her demeanor. Not a happy camper and her body language showed it. Gentleman attendant was nice, helpful, but could smile more as well. Middle aged attendant, shoulder length silver hair, medium height was very helpful and smiled like she enjoyed her job and serving everyone.
Flight 176, the flight attendants were very nice, helpful, cheerful and made the flight pleasant even with the electrical interruptions.
The food on both flights was good. The complimentary wine was terrible; maybe that is why it was complimentary.
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Delta are just horrendous. Never fly them internationally.

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