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Default Refused to check in elderly

We were taking my grandma to catch a flight from Chicago OHare Airport. She’s not able to walk for long periods of time, so when we got to the check in floor, she had to sit down on one of the benches, (which is in front of the Delta check in area, and a AA check in was further down the aisle, but next to it), We walked over to the AA check in to ask one of the employees, which later we found out was the supervisor, for a wheelchair since she couldn’t walk any further, and he suggested that we get her ID and check her in, and that then we could get her wheelchair, so we did as he said.

When we got to the check in attendant (Ms. Miller), the rude attendant, asked us WHY my grandma was not here checking in, and her "supervisor" which knew what was going on was just listening, when he had told us to check her in w/ her ID, but again we stated that my grandma needed a wheelchair, and that she was sitting on a bench that was further down, next to AA check in. She then, with attitude and in a very annoyed manner lectured us about where we should have entered the airport, and where she was NOT supposed to be sitting. She was lecturing us as if we were little kids and as if we were supposed to know the procedures to getting a wheelchair.

I just wanted a wheelchair for my grandma, THATS ALL. I didn't think that was too much to ask for. So after her lecturing, I said to my mother, "does it really matter, we are here" (I mean we did what the supervisor asked us to do) But then she heard that I was making a comment to my mom, and asked me to repeat it just so that she can rudely, and with an attitude argue that IT DOES matter where in the airport we came in through. So I tried to make her understand of which side we had parked, why we entered that way, and why my grandma was sitting on that side.

AND the WHOLE time she didn't listen to try to understand, instead she had raised her voice over mine to argue, and to say "I DON"T CARE where you parked, we are doing you a favor by checking you in" so I knew at that point that it was useless to argue with someone that is not listening, and that does NOT CARE, and I told her to just finish her job. Then she told me that she was not going to check us in, and that we needed to walk further down to the next check in area to check in. I asked for her supervisor, which was the man alongside her the whole time. I was amazed that he let her raise her voice and treat us that way, but he ended up finishing her job, since she denied to give us service.

American Airlines should not hire people that do not have any people skills and that QUIT instead of resolving an issue. AND Since when has American Airlines allowed employees to PICK and CHOOSE who they will provide service to?

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