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Air Canada Complaints>Frustrating experience changing flights after SARS outbreak
ZIGGY1234 1:40 PM Apr 13, 2007
Happened a while ago but in 2003 during the SARS outbreak, I was supposed to return from Kuala Lumpur to Canada via Hong Kong. (around the end of March 2003) News was all over the place about SARS in Hong Kong.

I contacted Air Canada in KL and was told they cannot make a decision on allowing me to change flight. I told them to contact Canada as they should make an exception becaus eof SARS. They contacted Canada and was told I had to pay (and I cant remember the exact amount) either $150 CAD or $200 CAD to change my return trip from KL to Canada via Hong Kong to KL to Canada via Korea.
I valued my life and paid the fees. It was very obvious Air Canada did not value my life nor care about me except their bottom line. The funny thing is while in Korea in Transit (a 10-12 hour wait), all flights was suspended to HK. AC never bother to contact me nor refund the fees they charged me nor apologise for their foolishness.
On my retuned, I complained and was told too bad by the customer service and I have nothing to complain about in so many words!!!
I have since stop flying AC and have always tell people this story. And many have stop flying AC because of my story. They now will fly on any airlines except Air Canada. This is one experience that I will never forget and forgive. I will continue my story until the day I die!

ps: I also flew Singapore airline in and around asia during the same trip at that time and I requested to Singapore airlines I didnt want to land in Singapore and then back to KL and asked if I can change to land in Thailand and to KL. They happily did that with no charge and two weeks after i returned to Canada Singapore Airlines thank me for my faith in them by flying with them during SARS and they gave me a voucher to anywhere in the world as appreciation! That is what you call customer service!!!!
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