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Default Bet we know how United will respond to this complaint...

I submitted the below complaint to United after getting the run around once again by their "customer service" and was told to submit my issue online since they couldn't do anything for me. This is the third trip this year on United that has been unfavorable and last time I contacted United regarding a website issue for a promotion expiring in 48 hours, I received a response back 2 weeks later!!

Anyways, I bet I don't get a real response for maybe 3-5 days, well after I've completed my travel scheduled for the weekend. And at best they'll offer vouchers for $250 or an upgrade that has so many restrictions and fine print its not even worth the paper or electrons its printed on.

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with United Airlines. I have been a loyal customer for many years now, exclusively flying United for both business and pleasure, often times despite the higher fares because I believed it meant a higher quality. My last few trips has changed that opinion with the most recent experience being the final straw. I have two more trips booked with United over the next 7 months, including an April trip to Italy that I recently booked in BusinessFirst. They will be my last trips on United. I will be canceling my United Club membership, closing out my United credit card, and doing everything in my power to make sure me, my family, and everyone else I know do not travel on United. The totality of experiences can be summed up in what I am experiencing now for a trip I booked back in MARCH 2012 to occur this weekend, Sept 14-18 to take my family to DIsney World for my youngest son's third birthday.

When I booked, I purchased economy plus and put us all together as its not easy traveling with 3 & 5yr old boys. However, when I go to check in the night before the flight, I find us in the back of the plane in standard economy. On the return flight where we were supposed to have the exact same seats, I find that we're not even sitting together. When I call customer service I'm told that because there was a schedule change - which I was NEVER notified about - my purchase is not being honored and there's nothing they can do. I express my extreme displeasure, using every ounce of willpower to remain polite and civil, about how unacceptable this situation is and the customer service response was that she could only offer limited compensation but if I wanted more I need to submit a form online. Its not about compensation, its about getting the service I PAID FOR in the first place!!

It is clear to me that United AIrlines has no regard for its customers. We are mere cattle to be moved without a care of how it is done or what is done to them. It saddens me to see what used to be a fine airline deteriorate to such a sad state. I anticipate at least 1-2 more business trips this year, but I will make sure they are on a competitor's flights, not United. Thank you for kicking off my family vacation on a HORRIBLE note, reminding me of it even more when it ends, and essentially ruining it. But, I hold out hope that Disney's long held tradition of customer service will at least help us forget the travel nightmare.

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