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British Airways Complaints>No Response or compensation for cancelled flight in July
chrisoneill38 10:47 AM Nov 23, 2016

I have already raised my issue within your organisation, and have had no response, hence my need to involve social media to help resolve this problem. Im pretty shocked a company of BA's stature is not even replying to a customer issue such as this one. We have had nothing from your company at all regarding any refund or compensation for the alternate flight(s) we had to purchase. I have also raised an issue seeking compensation under EC Regulation 261/2004 for this cancelled flight. I have raised this with [email protected] on 6th October 2016, [email protected] (Head of Customer Service & Operations)on 20th October 2016 and Alex[email protected] (Chief Executive Officer) on 10th November 2016. Not a response from any of them.

Our original travel plans were booked back on the 17th Dec 2015 leaving on 14th July coming back on the 17th July. I had booked an Easy Bus for the time we were meant to land on the 17th. We were notified at 5am on the 17th July that our flight was cancelled. No other information was given. We did not get this information until about 6.30am.
We tried to book a flight with Thompson for the 17th, but this flight came through as the 18th. We tried cancelling this as soon as the booking came through and the agent said they could not cancel the booking unless it was 14 day before travel. They said if they donít offer flights for a particular day they will give you the next available date as I assured them we put the correct date in when booking. These flights worked out about £60 each.
We then had to book an in-direct flight back to Gatwick with a stopover in Alicante as all of us had work on Monday. These worked out about £275 each. This flight was also delayed slightly so we did not land until 3am. We had pre-booked a taxi as there were no alternatives for us to get home at that time. This was through Sky Cabs (02085731111) £85 with a drop off at Brentford, West Ealing and White City. I did not get home until just after 4am and then had to get up for work at 8am. It was a horrendous journey and an awful experience.
I did not keep any of the food and drink receipts I spent though out this delay. I did have to purchase quite a bit of stuff throughout the day. I had a Burger King at Ibiza then a subway at Alicante. All in probably came to about 20 euros
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