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Other Airline Complaints>No refund from Royal Jordanian
sheiha43 12:05 PM Jul 16, 2018
Hi there, I am Dr. Emil Gyurov from Bulgaria, and currently I am working in Kuwait. In April I bought on-line 2 tickets (512-2111444557/558) from Royal Jordanian airlines Kuwait-Amman-Paris for June. Flight RJ 649/648 and RJ 117/118 In mid-May I called Customer service, and I cancelled these tickets. No responce from airlines regarding refund although the ticket are refundable. I called several times, and the agents contacted on-line booking office ([email protected]) to start the procedure. I know two names from that office: Fauzia and Hazim Alodeh. Again no responce. I have sent many mails, and no responce. This is vicious circle, and no solution. I cannot even travel to Jordan to solve the problem because this is on-line booking office. And this office does not respond to my mails. I think this is fraud.
Tickets are for Emil Gyurov and Dimitrinka Uzunova-Gyurova.
I really hope and relay on your help.

Regards, Dr. Emil Gyurov
Tags:fraudulant, no refunds, royal jordanian
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