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Default Took money from my bank account without telling me

On 21st October this year, at the request of an 85 year old friend, I attempted to pay BA online for an additional bag for her return flight (she already had a booking and had an allowance for one checkin bag...but needed to check in an additional bag)
I went through the online process for booking an additional bag several times and tried each time to pay for it using my debit card but kept receiving this message
We have been unable to complete your transaction at this time. Please contact your local British Airways office.

Return to Manage My Booking
I therefore advised my friend that I had been unable to complete the transaction....and told her she would need to pay at the airport (which is more expensive)
However,3 days later I happened to be checking my bank account and noticed that BA HAD deducted £60 from my bank account.
At no stage did I receive any communication from them to say that money had been taken from my bank account.
When I subsequently went to check my friend in for her return flight I therefore expected the additional bag to have been paid for....but this was not the case and when I attempted to check in 2 bags I was asked to pay again for the additional bag.
I did not make another payment on principle.
I advised my friend to explain the situation when she went to check in for the flight....and told her to take copies of the message I received from BA and the copy of the bank debit included in this email.
She did so and fortunately the check in agent did not take any payment for her additional bag.
My concern however is that BA took £60 from my account without at any stage advising me it had been taken.......and I am sure this cannot be legal ( especially as they had told me the transaction had not been completed)
I am left wondering how many times they have done this to other people.
I have written 3 times to BA with absolutely no result to date.....other than one response asking for written confirmation from my friend to say that I can pursue the matter on her behalf. .....which is irrelevant because my complaint is that they took money from MY account. ....and I am the person making a complaint not her.
I have written twice since receipt of that response and have heard nothing more
I have had really poor response to any sort of complaint over the years and feel that staff fail to actually read the complaints properly as responses tend to be robotic !!
This though is a serious incident which deserves action.....and I wonder if what they have done is legal ?

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