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Arrow Denver Gate 40 and 42

I had a layover in the Denver Airport, and I was looking for Gate 40 to catch a flight to Portland Oregon. When I got to Gate 40 I noticed the flight was going to Cincinnati. I looked around for a board to tell me where the where my gate was changed to, but I did not see one. There was no one at the the kiosk at Gate 40 to assist me, so I went to the next gate down, maybe Gate 42, and asked a beautiful middle aged woman (maybe asian or Indian decent) and male (caucasian dark hair and glasses) for help. Before I could ask my question they bluntly refused my help. They said I will need to ask the person at the desk when the return. I was shocked at their response. After being in customer service for over 20 years, I could not believe an employee from Frontier Airlines, not only refused to help me with me question, I did not even have the opportunity to ask my question. If they were busy, I could understand, however, hey were both standing there people watching. If a total stranger asked me for help, I would have helped them without hesitation, and I’m not even an employee of Frontier. I was completely appalled by this experience. I walked further down, to ask for help at the next Gate, which looked really busy, so I turned around, to go the other way. This time, when I walked by the employees, they were shaking their heads at me like I did something wrong asking for help. I went back to Gate 40 and this time there were 2 employees standing at the kiosk. I politely told asked one of the young ladies (both African American) if she could help me. I said that my boarding pass was showing my flight to Portland Oregon was leaving from Gate 40, however, now it's showing the flight was going to Cincinnati. The girl cocked her head, blinked her eyes, and said, "that is a printed boarding pass sir”. It was obvious to me that the Frontier Employee was being as condescending as she could. At that point I could have used a smile and some help, but instead, I was humiliated by another Frontier Employee who refused to help me. I looked around, but there was no one else I could ask. I said, thank you, I really could use your help right now. Telling me it’s a printed ticket is not helping me. As I was walking away, the girl yelled, “Don’t ask for help then!”. It didn’t end there. While boarding the plane, one of the flight attendants was rolling her eyes at the elderly man in front of me, and snickered at me to include me into the joke. When I asked the flight attendant if she was making fun of that passenger, her (blonde caucasian) and the other female flight attendant (African American) looked at me as if I was being rued. I guess I missed what was so funny about the older gentleman in front of me. All I could think of is this man probably fought for our country and lived a long and hard life, just be be made the butt of a joke and humiliated publicly. After this experience, I will never fly on Frontier Airlines again. I will not tolerate myself or others being embarrassed and humiliated by their employees.

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