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Default delay of 6 months Plus for refund

I booked a round trip business class ticket to Croatia through Frankfurt in DEC2012. My return flight was cancelled due to weather. I was rebooked for the next day in their business class lounge on a United flight. Unfortunately the attendant informed me there were no business class tickets left and put me in economy, middle seat not in economy plus. I was told that the difference in ticket price would be refunded.
I submitted all the documentation requested through my travel agent. She has made numerous follow-up calls and still no refund six months later. Lufthansa says it is waiting for United to send the money to complete the refund. I PAID THROUGH THEM NOT UNITED FOR THE TICKETS - THEY HAVE MY MONEY. They need to pay me back the difference in ticket price first and work to get their money back from United.
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Lufthansa is giving you the run-around. When the ticket was issued, Lufthansa got ALL the money. Other airlines only get paid when you actually travel. So, United will bill Lufthansa for the transportation you used, which was economy. Lufthansa doesn't have to wait to get anything back from UA. Lufthansa should be refunding the difference in fare.
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Write to Lufthansa and state that they are in breach of Regulation EU 261/04 and you demand your compensation be paid within 30 days. On the letter state that you are copying your correspondence to the following agency:

Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA)
DE - 38144 Braunschweig
Tel.: +49 531 – 23 55 115 (mo-th 9-16, fr 9-15)
Fax: +49 531 - 2355707

[email protected]

This is the competant authority for regulation in Germany. Lufthansa cannot withhold your refund for this length of time, but let them know you mean business. You are fully entitled to your refund. Incidently, make it clear that you dont' just want the refund of the fare difference, but also the compensation due to the cancellation under 261/04, as weather is not classified as an "extraordinary circumstance" under EU law. They are stupid, you clearly thought you were only entitled to the fare difference, this may end up costing them much more.

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