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Old Aug 7, 2014, 10:20 AM
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Thumbs down Missing Baggage - Turkish Airlines worst customer service


I took a connecting flight from Belgrade to Istanbul Ataturk Airport on 29th July 2014 via Turkish Airways flight number TK1084 at 20:20 hrs

I lost my baggage and filed Property Irregularity Report at Turkish Airlines Lost and Found Department in Ataturk and my file reference number is IST TK 33915.

I was on a 4 days holiday in Istanbul without my baggage which caused me and my spouse a lot of inconvenience. We had to buy clothes and other necessary things and I physically followed up with the offices twice from Taksim to Ataturk Airport hiring a taxi which costed me around $ 200.

It was a mental trauma for me and spouse , we had to buy all the basic items as we were on a holiday without a single thing on us . The airlines is not responding to the claims either

I still havent got any feedback by Turkish Airlines. Lately they said they have send one of our baggage to Abudhabi Aiport when we enquired they havent yet send the same. This is absolutely unprofessional. More than monetary loss its the mental frustration we are going through at the moment.

Turkish airlines have a pathetic customer service, they cant speak english , dont respond to any emails and the call centre number is never answered.

We really need some help on this as we have certain things in the bags which even money cant buy. In total we lost a day, money , our luggage and even mental peace.

Old Aug 1, 2015, 12:37 PM
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I just took a Turkish Airlines night flight from Heathrow through Ataturk on my way to Bulgaria. Arriving in Ataturk around 4 AM, I waited for the gate indication for the 7:30 flight to Bulgaria. Around 5:30 AM, it opened, so I went to the gate and showed the pair of TK employees my boarding pass and sat down right in the front row of the departure lounge. I always like to check in with the ground staff at the boarding gate as an extra measure of security. Most of the time, they are really nice.
Well, exhaustion took over and I slumped in my chair, jerking awake to see the bus leaving for the plane and the big red letters CLOSED. I jumped to the desk and asked the man why he did not call me or wake me up, when he well knew I was on that flight. He simply smirked and said “Not my responsibility”.
Shocked, I asked him what I should do, but he was determined to brush me off, simply saying “try going upstairs to the transfer desk.”
Well, that set off a chain of absurdity the likes of which I’ve never seen in my life. It seemed that every employee, either of Ataturk Airport or of Turkish Airlines, ranged from nonchalant to downright belligerent. I was sent on a wild goose chase from desk to desk to desk, with practically everyone having the “not my responsibility” attitude. There was no solution at the “transfer desk”, and they kept sending me to other desks in what began to feel like some kind of absurd hazing ritual.
Finally, after running the gauntlet several times, I was informed that I would have to clear immigration to get to the Turkish Airlines sales desk in the airport. Supposedly that was the only path to a solution for my problem. I stood in line for over an hour to get stamped, but was told “You need a Turkish visa.” Incredulous, on my way to the visa desk, I asked the same information clerk why he didn’t tell me that I needed a visa, and he (I am not making this up) told me “You didn’t ask. It’s not my responsibility to think for you.”
At this point, I was choking back tears. I just couldn’t believe it. I got back into line after paying 20 pounds for a visa and about an hour later finally got to the Turkish Airlines sales desk. The clerk informed me that it was “not Turkish Arilines’ problem” that I was not notified of the boarding and that I would have to pay an additional 265 euros in order to be able to board the next available flight, which was twelve hours later. I thought that was extremely unfair, given that I was at the gate on time and had identified myself to the ground staff. I thought I had the right to be informed of the flight leaving and woken up – I was RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM! Nothing I said to them was received with any amount of comprehension, compassion, or understanding. They said that if I didn’t like their solution, I could go to their “supervisor’s desk” at counter B15.
At counter B15, I waited and waited until I finally got to talk to the extremely annoyed agent, who curtly informed me that she was “not authorized” to handle my request, and that I was welcome to call customer service at the help phone.
Frazzled, I went to the help phone pod, which was populated with other passengers just as beleaguered as myself. It was momentarily comforting to know that I wasn’t the only one being made to run the gauntlet that day, but I also got the sinking feeling that this type of thing was par for the course with Turkish Airlines. The lady on the help phone was the most helpful out of anyone I had spoken to in a now 5-hour drama, but even she was only able to “make a report”.
Long story short, I was forced to pay 178 euros to board the next flight, and when I got to Sofia that night, I saw that Turkish Airlines lost my luggage on top of everything.
This whole drama vastly complicates the fact that this weekend is my Orthodox engagement ceremony to my brazilian fiancé who is arriving to the Balkans tomorrow. The ceremony is Sunday, I still haven’t gotten my luggage, and my dress is in my lost bags.
I’ve called, written, and written to them to no avail. I spent the day in tears today – out extra money, exhausted, and trying to put on a happy face for all my arriving relatives, and with a growing rage at what I have been through. Today I was informed that Turkish Airlines WILL NOT deliver my lost luggage, so I am forced to pay another 100 euros in taxis to get to the airport in Sofia to retrieve my things.
Old Aug 3, 2015, 10:22 PM
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It is not the responsibility of the gate crew to wake you up. I have had passengers fall sleep, and miss flights. I had 1 today that sat at the gate area with her ear phones in her ears and the flight boarded and departed on time. I sent her to our rebooking desk for the next flight out. The extra expanses for visas are yours and yours alone. Take some responsibility and go to bed earlier at the place you are staying at and make sure you pay attention next time.
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