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Angry Low Business Fares is a Scam!

This is my first post and it is not a good one. It looks like i’ve been defrauded out of my money. Don’t fall for the same scam.

I came online and found this forum as I am about to initiate legal proceedings against Low Business Fares and am gathering information. Their website is:

low business fares dot com

In short:

-Purchased $5,500 AUD business class tickets last month (one way Brisbane – Frankfurt for myself and Frankfurt – Sydney for myself and daughter).

-Changed dates of Brisbane – Frankfurt journey with Low Business Fares. $500 balance in my favour, still chasing them for refund (this is now much less concerning than what follows).

-Daughter and I Arrived at Frankfurt Airport Aug 5th to discover there were “no seats available” for my daughter.

-Called the Low Business Fares agent Simran several times from the airport to rectify the situation. Was assured by her everything would be taken care of for our soon to be departing journey.

-Denied check in by Ethiad Air at Frankfurt as we were informed that "American Airlines have cancelled your daughter’s ticket”.

-Ethidad informed us I could not transfer my ticket to my daughter and the only ticket that could be made available would cost me $9,700 AUD. I actually had to pay it to get her home!

-repeatedly advised by Simran and her manager James that they will take care of it but they need to confirm with the airline what happened. No promise of any type of refund as of yet - and the process will day "a few days" which has turned into "a week" which has turned into " a few weeks". It is now well past a few weeks. They’ve stopped returning my calls and emails. To date nothing has been refunded and I am out of pocket over $10,000

-I am not making any defamatory comments - everything I have posted is fact which I can verify via emails and the various calls to their dodgy office in India which has been an added hassle to try and sort out this nightmare.
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lousy situation but you dealt with a ticket consolidator and the whole thing sounds whacked. Since that routing wouldn't touch AA metal you bought some totally screwed up inventory. Look at the ticket number you can tell who it was bought through. Etihad stock all starts with 607 XXXXXXXXX
Doubt you'll get your money back, lesson learned always buy from the airline direct. I would never touch an online consolidator either such as Orbitz, etc as well... all fine until there are IROPS...
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Default Low Business Fares will rip you off

Hi Burgers,

I hope you are wrong but lesson learned. Don't ever deal with these low business fares companies, in particular:


I had no idea what could happen, I thought they were simply an agency authorized to sell business fare tickets.

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Default Why not?

Hi Burgers. Obviously you are a shill for AA. How about defending a $200 "change fee"? Why not book via Orbitz et al? They are a defense against price gouging and monopoly tactics and predatory pricing rampant in the airline industry. So AA is that much better when there are IROPS? NO WAY! It's much better to have some one smile at you while you get screwed for DOUBLE a ticket price. I fly multiple times per month. Without fail other airlines outperform AA/US AIR in every aspect save the aircraft performance. In that case the MUCH newer "metal" of Jet Blue blasts AA out of the water as well. I fly to the caribbean and those 757's are ANCIENT! The luggage compartments flew open the last flight I took down. How about those CRT TVS? OMG. AA=AbsoluteAnus.
american airlines, denied boarding, ripped off, travel agent scam

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