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Thumbs down Horrible Airline. Worst Booking Experience Ever!

Here is my complaint to Emirates Airline. I'm yet to hear back from them (no surprise)

Dear Emirates,

48 hours ago I was telling everyone how amazed I was with the service I received from your airline, now I'm left scratching my head as to how you ever became a 4 star airline and have told the same friends/ family that they should never use Emirates Airline.I phoned your call centre on the evening of the 11t/5/16 and spoke to Edgar, I asked about getting an open jaw flight from London-Bangkok and then from Sydney- London I was told this flight would be £634.11 with a 12 month maximum stay and the first date change for the return FOC. On the evening of the 12/5 I decided to phone and go ahead with this booking,

I spoke to Morris, paid on credit card and everything was fine.Imagine my surprise when I got my confirmation email and opened it to see I was booked to fly back from Bangkok, this was certainly not what I had discussed on the phone with yourselves! I quickly got on the phone thinking this error would be quickly rectified, I spoke to someone who said she would check the fare difference and would call me back but not to worry as the fare difference "won't be much". This call back never happened so I then called back myself and was told the lady I had spoken to has left for the day. I ended up dealing with a chap called Will, he told me he would work out the fare difference, he did and when he told me my jaw dropped..£265.60 more to pay. I told him I was not happy to pay this as I had been quoted a lower price and after some discussion he said someone would have to check my phone call with Edgar to find out if I was told Sydney or Bangkok and he would call me back the next day.

So today I waited until 5pm and with no phone call as yet forthcoming I decided I would call you myself. I have just got off the phone after being told that it was established that I was talking about returning from Sydney and not Bangkok and I could have the original price but it's only a 4 month maximum stay ticket, no good for me seeing as I'm going travelling for almost a year. So the other 'option' I was given was to try to seek Authorisation for a full refund. I was shocked.I have most certainly been mis-sold a product by Emirates and in my eyes should have been offered the original flight at the original price I was quoted instead I was told by your employee "It's probably best we nip this in the bud".

No offer of anything to stop me from leaving this experience with an extremely bad opinion of the airline, I can tell you now I travel lots and I will be telling everyone I meet along the way to never use Emirates Airline, will be writing articles on all my friends travel blogs and telling the world on every review page I can.You also still have my money as I have been told I have to wait until Monday to discover if I can get a full refund, oh and I was not told it was an extra £10 for phone bookings so you took more money than I authorised you.The single worst booking experience I have had!

Not a happy customer.
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