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Angry Air France Customer Service

This is the mail that I sent to Air france 3 times and so far no response from them. Hence, I thought I should post it here so that I join the club of "Air france Sick".

I had a return ticket with the following details and was traveling back from New castle to Bangalore, via Paris on 16th Dec 2012.

I would like to bring to the notice of Air France about an incident, that could have been handled in a normal way, was handled in a pathetic way causing lots of frustration, disappointment and mental and physical stress.

At New castle, the officer at the check in counter was courteous and helped complete all the formalities and issued the tickets. However, once all of us boarded the flight and the boarding gates were closed at 6.15 AM, the ground handling / maintenance people brought their de-icing equipment and started spraying the chemical on the carrier. This took about 20-30 minutes. Another 20 minutes taken to get a green signal from the traffic control. Probably the de icing process could have been done much before the boarding and we could have avoided precious time ( precious here because I had only 1 hour and 10 minutes gap for the next flight at Paris). This has been a practice at Frankfurt, and I appreciate their process.

Due to all the above delays, AF 1559 landed 50 minutes late at Paris and reached the parking slot at 10 10AM. We were 5 of us in the flight for Bangalore AF 192. AF could not manage us reaching the gate on time. However, after the tedious security check we landed at the gate at 10.40 and the gate had just closed with the flight still at the gate. We requested the captain through the desk manager un successfully. The reason given to us was there was no parking space available so, AF192 had to move. However, we were watching the flight move only at 11.10 AM!!

Now coming to the point, the mental agony I underwent from the time I boarded the flight at New castle was beyond control. Please note the following.

1.Even though I had specifically requested for a veg meal, there was nothing available on the flight at New castle, except for some soft drinks. So, I had to miss by break fast. Having reached at 4 AM, till 11.00 AM, I guess this is the punishment I could get for having flown through AF.
2.The officers kept promising many things and but could not manage for a small snack or even a bottle of water ( as a courtesy at least) at the transfer desk. They managed to get some non veg food around 3.30 pm after some of the passengers and children started feeling dizzy and complaining. I appreciate the only lady who was trying to console us and help us out.
3.Finally, we were allowed to go out with the transit visa at 4.30 pm and reached a hotel booked by AF around 5.30 PM only to find that there is no restaurant at the hotel till 7 pm and it opened only at 7 pm. Really a horrible situation for being a vegetarian.

I am not sure how much your organization understand about hundreds of such situations happening at your airports due to such unplanned or unorganized processes. But, I am annoyed and have felt miserable. For all that agony, I underwent, initially I thought of forgetting the situation and only wished that this is the last such flight on AF. However, given the conditions, I may use AF again but with a careful note.

I urge to consider this mail as a formal complaint and want to know what are the rules the EU or your organization has, as a “right to customer” and I demand compensation as per the rule. Please forward the copy of the rule so that I am aware of it, for future incidents ( which I do not wish to have).
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As far as de-icing early, many times that is impossible due to local conditions. The fluid only works for a limited time, (depending on conditions and type of fluid used it could be as little as 10 minutes to over an hour) so would only have to be redone it done too early. Because of this it is usually done as close to departure time as possible. It is an unfortunate reality that weather conditions can cause delays, but that is unavoidable unless you skipped de-icing but the consequences for that would be quite unpleasant...As far as the meals go, it can be a long day when these delays happen, but keep in mind the the carriers primary duty is safe transportation, and not being a flying restaurant. Most seasoned travelers take responsibility for their own nutritional needs and bring along at least some food to tide them over if delays occur.
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Default Customer Service

Thanks! Now I understand the de-icing technicality.

However, about the food I do not agree with the point here. I agree that we can manage the requirements. However, the duration of flight is longer, I donot know how many of us can carry enough off food / water! Mine was a shorter time from New castle to Paris. There were people who missed the flight when arrived from US/canada, With small children. safe transportation is priority and I agree. But, once the alternate ticket is issued and the documents were sent to police for Transit Visa, we were all sitting there doing nothing, including the Airline staff who were helping us. We had to literally beg for help when some children started puking due to acidity. This is where I am getting frustrated. Airline knew that there are flights getting delayed ( this is day to day affair) and why could not they take some preventive measures such as communicating at the boarding gate, helping us with early transit visa, keeping some food / water in stock or even they could have a vendor selling at the transfer desk area!! and we would have bought it. I guess these are some small things that the airlines should keep in mind when it is in their control. Out of control, I agree we have to get used to it.
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Default Me too

They always promise and don't deliver. When I call their contact center they always make me feel like you are doing me a favor. Honestly this company's bad customer service will certainly deliver them bad financial surprises in the future. I personally ordered a wheel chair for my mother in law who is over 60 and cannot speak French or English and cannot walk a long distance. What we got is my mother in law in Paris not known what to do and no one cared about helping her. When I called them, they said that its true that we ordered a wheel chair but this is not a guarantee service. Initially the agent of course made it like AIRFRANCE is the only company that will provide this kind of service and confirmed the order for us. Before that they made a mistake with my ticket, my wife, and my daughter. They put my new born in a different flight (wow very smart). We had to stay in Paris for 5 more hours and I have to go outside to buy another ticket. and more and more and more. In addition, because I am from North Africa, I am only allowed to carry one bag. My promise to myself is to never flight airfrance and make sure I will tell my story to everyone I know and write in every place about what they did to me.

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Default Af bad service and bad control of flight security

I am platinum card member of Air France, I think this membership is quite something in AF. I had lots of horrible experience with AF but always thought it was just bad luck! But this time they really teach me something, no such thing called worst, only worse and worse to reach the new record!

jan 17, I took AF from Milan to Paris and I forgot my iphone5 after I turned it one before leaving the gate!

I asked for help 15 mins after I arrived Paris CDG T2 lounge!*

1st staff:"the plane was cleaned and no phone was found"
Then I showed them iPhone locator app the phone was still in the plane!

2nd staff said "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO" X 2 TIMES!

3rd staff said: "I can only help if u go out the immigration and fill the form, we cant do anything without the form, ITS UR OWN FAULT TO FORGET UR PHONE"!*

I called call center in paris and reached lounge supervisor! she sent a telex to Milan airport to request, and promised i can get update in lugg center in my next destination. *The call center staff also gave me a no and stated its a special no ONLY for TOP TOP MEMBER! *While the*3rd staff commented aside: YOU SEE OUR SERVICE IS GOOD!!).*

Unfortunately, I WAS REJECTED in AF lugg center and asked me to contact call center which only open mon-fri 9am-5pm. Yet I called the very special hotline only for hi-end clients as they stated(00 33 1 48592000) YOU KNOW WHAT? ONLY FRENCH SYSTEM AND REQUESTED ME TO SEND MAIL TO CLAIM EVEN I GOT SOMEONE IN THE END!

- is this the right service to your clients?
- your staffs can't react immediately and in proper way.
- if platinum member got this treat, I can't image what others get!
- the photo was on in the plane, u don't care about security?

I admit it's my fault to forget the phone, but all the services I got only killed all the opportunities to get the phone back!

NO REPLY AT ALL till 4th day and only gave me info of "checking now"! Nice attitude is good approach but in the end of the day, people are expecting REAL ACTIONS of IMPROVEMENT! I don't know with thousands of complaints in the market, AF only keeps spending money in shooting nice advertising instead of improving the system and people's quality! *Do you know people actually talk to each other and share their bad experience everywhere?*

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