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COMPLAINT: Does Anyone At Delta Actually Do Thier Job?

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Old Apr 28, 2011, 11:59 PM
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Myself and two friends had flown into LAX from Sydney, Australia. We were heading to Atlanta for Wrestle Mania for a week of wrestling mayhem.

Arriving at the Delta LAX area, a female attendant tried to log us into the self check in console to print boarding passes, but was unable to print one for me despite logging in the details and scanning my passport. So she said to wait in the line to see another attendant at the check in counter.

When I was called to the check in, it was another 20 minutes before I was able to do what I thought was a quick and simple procedure. During that time, staff were unprofessional and/or incompetent, with me having to repeat 4-5 times what my destination was. I was not going to Sydney as staff were telling me, I had arrived from there that day. I was going to Atlanta.

Neither the first lady, the second lady, nor the man who came over were able to print me a boarding pass. So all up, those three plus the original lady trying to print one boarding pass, and none being successful. All because they were trying to send me the wrong way. Yet, our flights were all booked and paid for about five months ago.

Delta were also responsible for more unprofessional and incompetence at the Atlanta terminal when I was trying to check in for the return Atl-LAX flight. One friend was staying in the US for a longer period, so I had just the other friend with me. This time it was five staff who couldn't find information in their system to check either of us in. Again, with tickets booked and paid for five months ago, how were we not in the booking system?

We got a Seat Request, and had to go to the boarding desk just before our flight to be assigned a seat. The man printed a boarding pass for my friend from Atl-LAX, and for us both from LAX-Syd, but not for me to go from Atl-LAX. How can part of a booking be in your system, but not the other part? After many attempts, phone calls and talking with other staff, a boarding pass was printed, though it was only a single pass with both of us on it supposedly.

This whole process took 30 minutes, meaning we were late getting on and had to store our carry on luggage near the end of the plane, instead of up the front with us. That meant we also had to wait 20 minutes to get off, as everyone behind us grabbed their carry on bags and walked past us to exit the plane. Whether the above matters are a lack of training, an uncaring attitude or pure laziness, I don't know.

So I emailed a day after I arrived home with the above complaints. I got a standard reply, two lines in total, asking for more details. More details? They had my name, address, phone number, origin city, destination city and more, yet still couldn't find me?

They said they would get back to me as soon as they could. That was three weeks ago, I've emailed again since, with no reply. Not a single, solitary employee of Delta was helpful during the entire travelling and follow up process. So I am taking the matter up with the relevant authority.

I think they are hoping by not replying, that I am just going to let this drop. But after all the ineptitude and unprofessional customer service displayed, that won't be the case.
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Old Apr 29, 2011, 8:05 AM
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Who is the relevant authority on bad service for an airline? The DOT deals with laws. None were broken. The only relevant authority is the folks you emailed. And sorry to be blunt, but get in line. Look at the stats...DL has the worst complaint numbers in the history of aviation.
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Old Jun 29, 2011, 6:18 PM
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It is poor service and you can change it! Post your story on every complaint site that you can find. Google, "Delta complaints" and post your story in as many places as you can. Tell your friends and ask them to tell their friends. Eventually, there will be a change. Until about 4-5 years ago, this was not the case with Delta. They were the best. Sadly, not so much these days.
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