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General Discussion>Bad experience with Air France
NOTAROBOT 5:05 PM Oct 1, 2017
We missed our flight from Paris to Montpellier because our flightfrom Cape Town to Europe (with Lufthansa) was delayed due to a technical problem. We had to travel by train on order to be in time for our appointment and informed Air France several hours before the confirmed flight. We accepted that we will have no refund because of this. However, when we wanted to fly back to Paris from Montpellier several weeks later we were told our (confirmed) flight was unilaterally cancelled. We were not even informed. So to get back to Paris we had to pay again. We even had to pay extra for luggage. Who, visiting Europe from Africa can travel without luggage>
? When will be start paying for using toiilettes on airplanes? The small guy has no standing against these big companies A sad sad world whe are creating....
PeterSar 2:41 PM Dec 1, 2017
That sucks. I feel for you. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
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