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Thumbs down easyjet lost luggage 11 days

13.8.2010 Yes I have a postal address, but you are not having it.
Name: Miss Tammy Marsh
From: London Luton to Palma Mallorca
Booking reference: EGQKL8G
Flight EZY2273 17th June 13:00 hrs Seq no: S529
Luggage number: XH705232 - TYRJE
To whom it may concern,

I would like to express my utter disgust and disappointment with your airline. I have three complaints. One concerning the ridiculous cost of extra baggage, another concerning lost baggage and finally the horrendous customer service that I have received from your company.
The first thing I would like to say is there has been only one helpful person in your company. Her name is Debbie, she is an English lady and she works in the baggage claim department in Palma airport, Mallorca. Please ensure she receives the praise she deservers, thank you.
Now, here is my story. I booked my one ticket to Mallorca to begin a new exciting adventure. I had a huge amount of luggage as I knew I had no intention of returning to England anytime soon. I booked an additional three bags to my existing one when I booked my flight and yes I misread the information and thought each bag was worth thirty kilos, not the individual person. When I arrived at the airport, I found it necessary to add another bag to my existing booking. I was then told that I would have to pay an additional £390.00 you can imagine I was rather shocked. Unfortunately my family had already left the airport, therefore it was not possible to leave anything behind, and so, I had to take the five bags with me. How you can honestly charge this amount of money for extra bags is beyond comprehension. You, the person reading this, and your company know very well that £390.00 is simply extortionate and you should feel deeply ashamed of this behaviour.
I asked to speak to a supervisor who was completely unhelpful and frankly rude. So I duly paid this ridiculous amount of money.
Secondly, one of my bags was too big to go through the normal check in desk so I had to take it to oversized baggage. Let me express my growing disgust at this point at the severe lack of customer service. Every person I spoke to within your company was: rude, obnoxious and unhelpful, fact.

So after this debacle, I continued to my departure, gate, flew to Mallorca and arrived in Palma. I collected four bags, then waited and waited and waited. My trolley that the oversized bag was on arrived, but no bag.
I then proceeded to the help desk and spoke to the first polite person to represent your company... She sent somebody to look for my luggage. Approximately one hour later, still no bag. Debbie then completed a lost baggage form. She explained that it probably fell off the trolley, not to worry, it would turn up. This was most reassuring. She also informed me that I would be able to claim 37 Euros every day that my luggage was lost. I left an address and was told that I would be contacted as soon as my luggage arrived.

In this luggage was: all of my clothes that I had packed, an entire Summer and Winter wardrobe, my laptop, camera, money, hairdryer, straightness, shoes, cosmetics, make-up to name a simple list. What was in the other cases I hear you ask? Two cases were full of books (I am teacher and need these to carry out my job here in Mallorca) another was a full of cosmetics, bulk bought sun cream etc and the other was necessities for two days until I moved into my permanent accommodation. Therefore, I’m sure you can imagine my upset when the bag containing, everything I needed to function properly was lost.
I left a number and an address to send my missing luggage. I heard nothing for two days. I then had to phone every day, explain my situation. Not exactly easy, when my laptop etc was in the bag as I couldn’t email, so had to call from my English mobile, which cost more money, or visit a hotel and pay for internet connection to email your company. In the mean time I had not had any money from Easyjet, no contact and I have had to loan money to buy clothes and food.
Finally after ten days I receive a text asking if my luggage was with me. By now my patience was very thin. I phoned and expressed my dissatisfaction to somebody over the phone who after Debbie was the first person to apologise. Then miraculously I received a phone call that evening saying that my luggage had been found. It had never got on the plane to Mallorca and had been sitting in a corridor in Luton airport, great.
The bag was finally delivered to me after ELEVEN days. Now as you can imagine I am now completely and utterly annoyed, upset and disgusted with the lack of service provide by your company, not to mention the huge inconvenience that you have caused me.
Furthermore, I was asked to fax receipts for my purchases, funnily enough I don’t carry a fax with me... I would estimate that as well as the 37 Euros per day that you owe me, plus at least 100 Euros for clothes and another 100 Euros for food that in total you owe me 607euros add some inconvenience and let’s round it up to 650euros.
I suggest you transfer this amount to my account immediately.
My bank is Lloyds TSB and my sort code is 30-25-80, my account number is 03479692 in the name of Tammy Marsh.
Normally, I don’t complain, but the service you have provided is simple unacceptable. Heightened by the absolute rudeness of all but one member of staff. You should be ashamed. I will be posting this letter to every complaint channel that exists. Electronic, paper and otherwise, so I suggest you rectify the situation quickly before the situation gets very serious. I know my rights.
Tammy Marsh
English mobile: 07899912333
Spanish mobile: 634988538
Email: [email protected]
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I'm not sure if putting your name, phone number, and bank details on the internet is the best idea.
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I would call my bank and let them know that you accidently put your bank number and name on the internet and they need to change it immediately.
Also you might consider changine you phone numbers, there are a lot of strange people out there.
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thank you... very foolish of me...
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Umm you can use the edit button to remove your banking info and I recommend you do it quickly....Also why would you put CASH in your luggage and was it actually still there when you got your bag?
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have tried to edit...says i'm not allowed... if you can do it for me... great.. thanks
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Only person that can do that is the admin, airlinecomplaints.org. You could send him a PM and ask.
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.
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Hmm odd I have seen an edit button after MY postings but maybe it is only there for a short while after the posting is made but yes I agree with Judge PM them and get ALL personal info removed incl your phone numbers and email
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I'll rephrase. One has a time limit to edit their posts. I believe it's 5 minutes. I've never written a review so I don't know whether you can edit them within that same 5 minutes only or if it's an unlimited time period like some other message boards.

But I know for a fact, the admin has more leeway over a message board than a regular member so he may be able to help.
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.
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I agree... you need to get that information removed pronto... you may even need to change your bank account.
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ok I really try to be helpful on these postings but if this person has still not reached the admins and have them edit post or delete thread then I DUNNO

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