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difficulty of finding LOW or saver mileage seats

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Old Jul 5, 2010, 11:39 PM
mtnhombre mtnhombre is offline
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i wrote this letter to delta

"i have contacted customer service numerous times regarding this issue. i
have yet to recieve anything other that pat answers regarding mileage
ticket rules. i fly nearly every week to different locations throughout
the US. i use miles whenever possible. this week, i used united miles,
last week, i used american. every time i need to fly to a city from
denver, i check all three airlines and yet, delta seats are almost NEVER
available at the standard rate. the strange thing is that i have lots of
flexibility of when i fly and i fly to a variety of places, both large
and big cities and rarely are they popular destinations like ny, sf or
las vegas, but rather biloxi, charlotte or atlanta. i would like to suggest that you make more seats available.
there are many people that will not use the higher amount of miles which
you normaily require. meantime, i will keep trying while my delta miles
pile up. you must realize that many people do not want to use more miles
to fly to a destination, no matter how close or far it is. we have been
trained that 25,000 miles is a domestic ticket and we expect that. i am
able to do that on every airline EXCEPT delta. i read an article about
this recently and delta was cited as one of the worst airlines for
having mileage seat availability. alas, i found out that my ongoing
frustration was not a fluke. that said, it also made me wonder how many
people will switch their FF plan to to an airline where their miles are
worth more."

after writing this letter to CEO richard anderson, i got the pat answer back from his office that more seats are available at MED or HIGH levels of miles. i responded that they have devalued their FF miles and that i refused to pay more the standard amount of miles for a ticket.

i refuse to accumulate more devalued delta miles and i will try to figure out a way to use the miles i have at their standard value. anyone for a lifetime subscription to modern basketweaving?

dan arrowood
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Old Jul 6, 2010, 12:07 AM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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This is a doubling of the price, with a less than subtle attempt at deception. The only way in which this issue will be resolved, is if you stop using Delta. Delta has a minimal number of seats available at the standard miles "price". These are minimally available to be able to claim that their plan is comparable with other airlines. In reality it is not. Frequent Flyer plans are essentially a con. Under no circumstances are they worth paying any kind of premium for. By all means enrol in programmes and collect miles, but you should always go for the lowest price on any given route. You should NEVER pay more, because you are accumulating miles. It does not represent value in any way. The only way in which this could possibly be of value is if a company is paying (and even then, only if you don't own the company). On top of this, it is never the right choice to pick Delta... just read this board, countless others and the DOT rankings and you will see what is evident to everyone else. Delta is the worst of the legacies and that is not saying much.
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Old Jun 7, 2011, 6:42 PM
Hank Man Hank Man is offline
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Check out the following:

Maybe the merger with United will improve things.
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