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Old Aug 4, 2012, 4:48 AM
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I was a Platinum member for the last three years, and my local airport is RDU in NC. I value loyalty and will pay extra for anything if there is reciprocation of service. I fly around 160,000 miles a year, usually around 75,000 with Delta. I had two incidents last year that made me think twice about the value of service Delta provides. Check this out, I was pulled off a flight in Atlanta because the gate agent didn't scan my ticket correctly when I was boarding. This led to them giving my seat to a standby, even though I was sitting in it. I was pulled off the plane as if I had somehow sneaked past the agent. I was embarrassed and livid to say the least, but I jut kept quiet, as I'm in the military and didn't fancy getting into a shouting match and embarrassing the Military.
The next bit of great service I received was when an air hostess spilled orange juice all over my shirt while i was enroute to a meeting. What made it so much worse was the complete lack of empathy and understanding and her "stuff happens" attitude.

When I returned from these flights and received the usual " how did we do" email, i told it how it was; I have never received a response from either of the complaints.
Last week I flew from RDU to Washington on American airlines. My flight was cancelled because of weather. I had a number of sky lounge passes, and a Delta Reserve American Express card (gives me lounge access). I attempted to go into the lounge; there were probably three people in it. I have never ever been stopped entering the lounge, even when traveling on a different airline.
Actually I can't even be bothered explaining this, but you can guess what happened. I was refused access, couldn't use my pass, and my card wasn't valid. Again, the worse thing was the crappy delivery and absolute lack of customer service. I can honestly say, if he, the loung manager, had spoken to me that way outside of the building and I could have gotten away with it, I would have physically wiped the smirk clean off his face. Complete and utterly terrible terrible attitude and ridiculously poor service.
Anyway, i know they don't give a crap, and the employees just don't care. So im withdrawing my loyalty. I spend around $50,000 a year on the reserve card, I'm canceling it as soon as I pay off my last trip. As for Delta, I'm absolutely done with them, I'm not dealing with it anymore.
I'm currently in the process of retiring and have taken a management job in Dubai. I will travel from the states to UAE on a business class ticket each and every month for the next two years, and rest assured not one flight will be on a Delta aircraft.
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