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Angry $12000 Tix yet delayed flights for days

I am writing to issue a formal complaint to American Airlines regarding several delayed and disorganized flights en route from JFK to Rio De Janeiro. As a starting point, I was delayed for 4 hours in JFK with no communication as to why the flight was delayed. I then arrived in Miami, sprinted to the connection which I missed by seconds. I was refused help at the counter despite being a first class customer ($12,000 plane ticket) and Gold Advantage member. I was told to wait in a 100 person long line that took 2 hours. I was NEVER helped and the airline ran out of hotel vouchers. Remember, I paid $12,000 for my ticket. As a result I was stranded with no hotel, I then went to one nearby and waiting until 2am to be accommodated and paid for with my own money ($184). I then returned to American the next day as I had be reticketed on a 9am flight (AA7815) - when I arrived they told me I had no ticket or seat. As such, I have been stuck in Miami going on 3 days. I am paying for my hotel out of pocket which I do expect to be fully reimbursed for by American Airlines (total cost $900). It then took me over 48hrs to even get on the phone with a customer rep who in turn could not issue me a flight for another 3 days. This experience is disappointing on so many levels - I am traveling to the Olympics for my profession, an effort that is 2 years in the making. I spent $12,000 on the flight specifically to ensure I did not miss a moment of what is essentially my professional dream. To know that American did nothing to accommodate me or attempt to compensate me is baffling. Additionally, as a marketing executive, I actually had explored job opportunities with American Airlines. It's disappointing that this airline has fallen short from the image I had of them. Fallen so so short it's almost indescribable. I would like to understand how I am being compensated for the hotel nights I've personally funded and expect even more than that. A $500 voucher won't cut it. I will continue to pursue compensation until I am adequately covered for both the monetary value of my ticket, the hotels I have funded personally despite AA being the responsible part, as well as the emotional damage this has caused in missing the biggest moment of my professional career: the start of the Olympics. Thank you for getting back to me on all issues raised here.
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