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Default Malaysian AirL made life MISERABLE in KLIA,I had panic attacks&almost DIED!

Flight Details :
MH 140 03 MAY 2011 SEAT 14D
MH 198 03 MAY 2011 SEAT 7C

Hello World ! Awaken to the brutality & "cruelty" of Malaysian Hospitality !

You would be LUCKY to get away alive they don't hesitate to even kill , my dog is treated more better than the way MAS Airlines treated me . Here is the Story ...

In the month of March 2011 I Contacted MAS CS
Suriabanum Omar
Customer Relations Department
Malaysia Airlines
Admin Building 1A, Complex A, SAAS Airport Subang,
47200 Subang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Email : [email protected]
Fax** : 603- 7845 7843

two e-mails dated Mar3rd & Mar 10th , asking about a long layover , in her e-mail she said that if there is a long overlay MAS would provide hotel accommodation. Then a week later before buying my ticket I e-mailed my flight details and ticket details asking her to confirm the hotel voucher before I paid for my ticket. I did not hear from her for over a MONTH and then 4 weeks later I paid for my ticket and paid for it in full .

You know what its like 3 hrs prior check in , stress of travel and security, immigration and then boarding and even though it is midnight you try and stay away so you don't miss your flight . Got to Kula Lumpur KLIA at 4:20am went to the transfer desk asking saying that I have a connecting MAS flight at 10pm .
They contacted the Duty Manager Raj he said that he will be there in 10 – 20 mins and he was , told him what MAS Customer service promised me and showed them the e-mails on my laptop . He said he cannot provide any hotel accommodation and I have to sleep at the airport for 17 hours ! After I asked him what is the point of writing an e-mail 2 months prior and MAS promising and not delivering ? He said that he is signing off at 8:30am and the next Duty Manager will be briefed . And will come and see me at 8:30am .
I was stressed from travel , loss of sleep 4:20am so waited around for 5 hrs NO SIGN of this so called Duty Manager then at 9:30am I went to the transfer desk and asked what is going on , can you tell me that you are not going to honor your promise I can find my own hotel accommodation. Come on mate if you can shell out €1500 for a flight another €50 for a decent nights rest is not asking for too much it is just a travel expense . They ask me wait as the Customer Service dept opens at 9am and to their greatness she was in a meeting till 10:30am , maybe working out how to rob people at KLIA or kill few passengers for Body Parts .

Standing in front of the transfer desk from 4:20am till 10:30am was longer than my flight . Trust me it is not easy and don't wish that upon my enemy . You are longing for a shower and some rest and some food and here you are just hanging on the transfer desk for answers .


Finally they give me a hotel voucher , Hang On ...the TORTURE FOR FLYING MAS BEGINS ! In the voucher it says a full day's stay at Concorde Inn a nightmare of a place no one speaks english and staff harass you , will get more into this later .
The Hotel Voucher says NO MEALS so , Malaysian Hospitality means you should STARVE to death in KL . Then they can sell your body parts .

Well I said OK and just tried to hang in there and said well I will pay for my food just wanted to get out of there . As the Hotel desk was booking a Hotel I asked if there was a SAUNA as I wanted to use one badly and get some sleep , he said Yes and also pool .

Concorde Inn – Nice place to commit suicide as they staff will do everything for you all you have to do is check in . Checked in and then went to the Sauna a small bldg in the SAME compound adjacent to the Inn .

Staff show me the sauna and I am half thru my session , then she tells me the cost is $40 for a f Sauna my heart skipped a beat , I said to start with there is NO SIGN of tariff displayed and she deceived me to believing it was free as she never said a word till I was half way thru , Like just cheated me .
THEN I said well I was under the notion that it is part of the hotel service , I said I was at few hotels and if there is some service like massage they also tell upfront how much it would cost . I asked would you let people check into the hotel without telling them the room tariff ??

I said you have to contact MAS as they put up here , the staff said they would follow me around for the $40 , this started stressing me out and I started to get panic attacks all this drama from 4:20am , I went to have lunch and was so depressed and started throwing up and shaking . Then wrote an e-mail to MAS asking them for a Dr. As I was suffering anxiety and depression and this ordeal just did a relapse . NO RESPONSE TILL DATE A WEEK LATER !

Then after few hours of meditation I requested to see the Duty Manager who for heavens sake spoke English , he heard me out and said it was 40 Malaysian Currency which was about $15 I said well I am happy to pay that if they promise to let me live but $40 as they tried to steal off me was day light robbery ! He explained that they forgot to tell me it was the local curreny ...ummmh ! Very convenient or THEY TRIED TO ROB ME OF $40 , this is the hotel that MAS put me up ..maybe MAS are partners in crime , we send people to you ,you rob them and then we share the loot . If the person dies then its Christmas as we can sell the organs like body parts .

Then got to my flight at 10pm feeling sick and very DISSAPOINTED got to my destination ONLY to see my luggage which was booked in oversize counter with a FRAGILE sticker on it , was all broken with the handle broken, and this is hard plastic ice box with the FRAGILE sticker on it and they managed to break the handle off , I wonder what they would do FRAGILE stuff like artifacts or glass .

I have been flying for 25 years have frequent flyer miles with more than 10 airlines ,


And you now you know MH the Malaysian Hospitality stands for

6 hrs standing at the transfer desk
NO FOOD for the whole day
Some CHEAP motel where the staff try to rob you if you don't pay up they follow you around and threaten you

I apologized to MAS for flying with them and PROMISED as long as I live my family & friends will not fly MAS .

I hope they get what they deserve to win an award for

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Default KLIA crime

I am not sure if it is Malaysia, MAS, KLIA or a combo of all of them. Arrived at KLIA from a short intra-asean flight from Taipei. Wanted to get off flight and onto KLIA express asap. In toilet, I left my laptop backpack in the toilet stall and when I realized I was without it, I went back immediately. Maybe 10 minutes. Surprise bag gone. Asked for Police - no Police in KLIA -only private security.
Yes sir, this is private property and the company that runs KLIA does not have Malaysian Police on site. Need to exit the customs area and go to the Polis office.
Is this a joke? No lah - Malaysian Hospitality as soon as you set foot on the tarmac.
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Malaysia Airlines is the worst even tough i'm Malaysian. The so call Malaysia Hospilitality is just a marketing gimmick without any sense or direction of implementing the slogan.
1st off despite 2 hrs before departure arrived at counter check in they queue is such tremendously long. when finally reach my turn, the staff are soo rude toward their passenger. My bag age has already been over weight, ok i just ask how can you help me with this. She just keep telling me impossible, you can't check in with the bags. When i say any other possible ways, she rudely say "there's no other way ", until i ask how bout if i pay, she quickly then its ok !! WHat THe !! you should told me this earlier rather than making me frustrated! After paying some hefty amounts. then come into PLane Delay for 2 hours due to technical problem.

The worst part is when we finally arrive the destination, they lost my baggage!!! I've made up the report call numerous time on the local airport everyone is helping me to search for the bag! Until when i call back Malaysia department, There's this guy who pick up my call keep telling me not to call here anymore and saying my baggage is lost during the arrival or pickup by someone else while he himself couldn't even answer whether my bag has already been in the plane or not. While i plea to him can you please check on your technical team to trace my bag, coz im willing to wait on the phone, he angrily tell me what i want him to do, he can't do anything, YOU are the BLOODY LOST AND FOUND DEPARTMENT, you want me to teach you, i can give you tons of idea what is the next step to trace it !!!

All these service from MAS is totally lost on all the credit from me despite being a frequent MAS passenger. This is the soo call MALAYSIA HOSPITALITY !!!
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Default I am truly not trying to be rude...

...but don't you think you are asking for a bit much? The only time an airline has ever paid for a hotel for me was when an overnight stay was required due to mechanical failure. Weather related delay...you are on your own. Long layover...you are on your own.

I am all about holding the airlines accountable, but you chose the itinerary....the additional expenses of food, sauna and hotel really were yours.

On the upside, it was a good read.

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