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Angry Too many bookings

On May 5,2023 , my family lost our oldest grandson(15) in a car accident. He lived in California...I live in Pennsylvania. In all of the sudden chaos, I had to book flights for myself, my daughter and 3 grandchildren. I wound up booking the flights 3 times due to confusion and date changes(the first 2 were immediately cancelled). I have attempted to resolve the issue with Frontier Airlines on 2 separate occasions. They will not give me a refund. This is the letter that I sent to Frontier CEO Barry after Customer Service would not help me:

Good evening,

My name is Chris Jones( Frontier Member #: 90102110959) and I recently booked 2 round trip flights from Philadelphia to California. I comprehend that, as CEO, you are very busy, but I have 2 issues that need your attention as I have tried to resolve these issues through normal channels with no success:

  1. On May 10, 2023, I tried to book my flights for myself and 3 grandchildren. The first attempt was reservation # E7CKQY...the system crashed and booted me out before I could finish the payment for the flight, so I went back in and, upon not seeing the reservation, I started over. This time I had reservation # FBZQ3Z. The problem with this reservation is that I had to change the date to accommodate my daughter traveling with us. At this point, I checked my bank account to see if the latter reservation was already charged, only to find out that BOTH flights had been charged! I immediately went back into my Frontier account and cancelled both, which it looked like I was successful, since I was taken to a cancellation screen that mentioned an amount that would be charged to cancel. Since I believed that both flights were cancelled, I booked a third time, this time reservation #HK2UNB, which we actually used. While in California, I noticed that all 3 reservations were charged to my account, at which point I reached out to Frontier to ask why the first 2 weren't cancelled as requested. I was not given a satisfactory answer by the agent, so I contacted my bank and disputed the charges. My bank recently reversed the provisional credits received due to Frontier furnishing the reservation numbers. I f you look at my account, the first 2 reservations are nowhere to be found(see Frontier transactions screenshot), which means they were, in fact, cancelled. You can also check both reservations, E7CKQY & FBZQ3Z, to see that they were never used. And, of course, we didn't take 3 separate flights. I am requesting a refund for the 2 aforementioned reservations in the amount of $799.90 & $739.91, respectively(see TD bank screenshot).
  2. On our return flight, #F91730, we were supposed to depart on 5/23/2023 at 10:05pm, but were delayed due to passengers having tickets for rows that didn't exist (rows 11 & 12). This caused us to not depart until 10/24/2023 at 1:35am(3.5 hour delay). We arrived in Orlando(MCO) at 9:25am, although our connecting flight to Philadelphia departed at 8:50am...this is our second delay because we were booked on flight #1658 to Raleigh-Durham, which didn't depart until 3:33pm (6 hours, 8 minute delay; see 1st Yahoo screenshot). On June 12, 2023, I formally requested a refund for the unused tickets(for flight #3200 from MCO to PHL,incident #INC-230613-000543; see Frontier Refund screenshot) as well as meal vouchers per Frontier's refund policy for delays over 3 hours, which we experienced twice(see 2nd Yahoo screenshot). I am requesting a refund for the unused tickets as well as the meal vouchers.

I realize that this may not be a normal email for you, but I have tried every other way to resolve this issue. I would like to remain a Frontier member, but I feel like I'm being victimized to the tune of over $1500 for services not used and that's just not right. I hope that you will be able to provide assistance in this matter. I appreciate your time and attention. Have an awesome day!


Christopher Jones

I realize the technicality of the issue, but the common sense and human aspect says that I didn't use all 3 bookings, so I shouldn't have to pay for them. Thanks everyone for listening. Hope you all have a pleaant evening.
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