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American Airlines Complaints>Layover times confusing
Gerty 7:49 PM Dec 28, 2016
Hi. I'd like to start of by saying that I love American and I love their customer service, but I am really confused. So this summer I flew Los Angeles-Dallas-Miami. When I was booking the ticket, the website said, that I'll either have an hour or a two hour layover in Dallas. I chose the two hour one since I wanted to grab a cup of coffee in Dallas and just not be in a rush. And we landed in Dallas with a 15-20 minute delay, so many passengers were worried about missing their connections. But I was not worried, because remember, two hours. So as the door opens, the flight attendant makes an announcement "All Miami passengers, please hurry to get "X". " I was very confused as my flight was not due to depart. But since the gate was only a few hundred feet away from mine, I ran there. AS IT COMES OUT, that was my plane and my flight. So I guess the airline didn't calculate the time difference and calculated the layover time incorrectly? Anyways, the flight to Miami was almost diverted to Fort Lauderdale due to extreme circumstances (MIA had been closed 2 hours prior, so there were no gates left for us, I ended up waiting on the tarmac for close to two hours.) But yeah, has anyone else had this happen when booking AA tickets?
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