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Poor Customer Service & Dubious Policy

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Old Oct 1, 2010, 12:47 PM
Moonglum Moonglum is offline
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I was booked on the 2220hrs flight from Newark to Edinburgh Flight No CO108 on Sunday 26th September 2010.

On this flight I noted that two hours had passed and there was no sign of activity from the cabin staff. As is customary I decided to order a pre dinner drink for myself and my wife and duly summoned a steward. I asked for an alcoholic drink but this was refused and I was informed that there would be an opportunity to have a drink when the meal came round shortly. At this time I asked for a comments sheet but was told that these were not available.

A short time later the meal was delivered but I noticed that the drinks trolley was following a good 10 minutes behind the meal. The predicament was whether to eat the meal while it was hot or to wait for a glass of wine to accompany it and chance the meal mean tepid.

When the drinks trolley arrived I was spoken to by the Flight Manager who did not introduce himself but I saw from his nametag that he was a Mr J*******. He asked what my problem was and I told him that I would have liked a drink prior to my meal being served. I was informed that drinks were not served due to a policy decision made after 9/11. I told him that this was not the case and that drinks were served on other carriers. I was then informed that this was a Continental decision and again I questioned that I had been served drink on my outbound flight. Mr J****** then informed me that the policy was not to serve alcohol prior to dinner being served on flights which depart after 2100hrs. Again I questioned this and he retorted that he could not understand why I was getting upset over not being served a drink.

It was apparent at this time that any further discussion with this person was going to be fruitless.

Later in the flight when breakfast was being served there was still a long delay between the food and a drink. I noted that Mr J******* and a female member of staff were distributing the drinks and appeared more concerned with laughing and joking with each other than serving the passengers.

Eventually I was asked by Mr J****** what I would like and I was asked for coffee but was met with the retort “more detail” and again replied that I wished a coffee. Condescendingly Mr J****** placed his hand on my shoulder and stated that I would have to be more specific and state if I wanted it black or white.

As stated I found the attitude of Mr J****** appalling and severely lacking in customer care. It was obvious that it was pointless to question him further regarding any matter and that he was going to take every opportunity to belittle and humiliate me in front of both my wife and other passengers as shown with the way he questioned me about the coffee. I did take time to note that other passengers were asked if they wished their coffee with milk or cream and not the abrupt “more detail”.

I do not know if it is Continental policy or not post 9/11 but Mr J****** was making great play on this issue and I fully understand that this was a great tragedy involving the loss of life on a great scale. Perhaps I should have informed Mr J****** that I fully understood about 9/11 and I could also have informed him that I had experience of working in my professional capacity at the Pan Am Lockerbie Trial in Holland for a period of time. I could also have shown him the identification I had in my wallet from that period of time but I felt that this was irrelevant to the initial complaint.

I would be interested to hear comments on this policy and what actual part alcohol played on that tragic day that led to this ban on it being served and also on the significance of no drink to be served prior to a meal on a flight after 9pm but the suitability of it being served prior to this on a daytime flight. In addition do other members of their Alliance also adhere to this policy or is it strictly a Continental policy?

I have travelled with various carriers over the years and can safely state that this is the worst service that I have ever experienced on a flight. It would appear that the passengers were an inconvenience to the laughing and obvious good time that Mr J****** was having with his staff. As stated I found his overall attitude demeaning and set out to belittle and humiliate. I did not feel that I was travelling on a scheduled flight but more of a charter flight where you have little choice in the matter.

I will certainly have to question whether or not I use Continental in the future.
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Old Oct 1, 2010, 3:23 PM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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Why have you blanked out this jerks name? I would happily put it in the Hall of Shame. Free speech is alive and well and you are perfectly within your rights to name him...
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Old Oct 1, 2010, 4:36 PM
Butch Cassidy Slept Here Butch Cassidy Slept Here is offline
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This is an example of what one opens themself up for when they try to get any kind of cabin service on US based airlines. As I've indicated in previous posts, the safest approach is to purchase any food/drink you may need for your flight AFTER you've cleared security.

The less conversation you have with a flight attendant, the better. I will usually close my eyes when the flight attendant comes by until they've passed. If conversation is unavoidable, limit your responses to "yes," "no," and "I wish to remain silent." Consider yourself lucky the flight attendant didn't try to fabricate a story and say you were threatening him or being disruptive.

The only jerk flight attendant I'm aware of on Contintental is CHRIS BOONE. See the story at:
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Old Oct 1, 2010, 5:20 PM
Moonglum Moonglum is offline
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Wise enough to realise that he was looking for confrontation and therefore made as little noise as possible. When getting of the plane he saw me coming and deliberately talked across to someone in front of me again looking for the confrontation.

Not holding my breath for a reply from Continental.
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Old Oct 2, 2010, 6:27 PM
Leatherboy2006 Leatherboy2006 is offline
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Moonglum, don't know what you did with the Pan Am 103 inquiry but curious what you think of Scotland releasing the guy in prison because he was "dying" of cancer, last year?
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Old Oct 4, 2010, 6:28 AM
Moonglum Moonglum is offline
Join Date: Sep 2010
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Very much open to debate if he was indeed the person responsible. Always thought he would disappear quietly one night back to Libya but not in the manner it was done. Our Justice???? Minister has a lot to answer for in the way he handled tha matter.
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Old Oct 4, 2010, 7:23 PM
Moonglum Moonglum is offline
Join Date: Sep 2010
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Found various email addresses today for Continetal people and sent of a copy of the complaint and also a reminder to DOT and surprise, surprise a couple of emails arrived and also a telephone call this evening.

Guess what - no such policy would appear to exist and an apology for the poor attitude of the Flight Manager and the fact that we did not get a drink. If they have a word with him it may will prevent someone else having a bad experience.

Not sure however if they realise it is the principle of being treated in this manner which is the concern.
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