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American Airlines Complaints>Compensation for issue which cannot be claimed
llama1978 10:49 PM Dec 19, 2017
I had a faulty chair in business class, stuck bolt upright on a long haul flight. Was told by steward to request compensation which I did. I was offered:

- a voucher for my next flight with American airlines (I am from England and have never used or plan to use American Airlines again and only been to the US twice in 10 years), or
- 10,000 points which can be used for gift cards, yet you need a US address to get the gift card, which I don't have.

The compensation therefore is useless to me and I am requesting another form of compensation, I suggested an Amazon gift card. They said they only offer these 2 and there is nothing they can (are prepared to) do to compensate me.

Is this fair? They need to compensate me in a form that I can actually benefit from! Surely???

Is there anything I can do about this? Complaining more to American Airlines isn't getting anywhere!
Burgers 8:02 PM Dec 30, 2017
you have a legit complaint but the problem is I know of no airline that offers compensation in the form you seek. Negotiate to 15K and take the miles, not ideal but no that you've aired your dirty laundry publicly airlines would be very reluctant to give you anything else.
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