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Thumbs down ATTENDANT's ABUSE of POWER HAD me Removed off the plane

It all began when I arrived at the gate for boarding. The gate was D7 and boarding was beginning when I stepped up to the gate counter in the hopes to ask if a seat further to the front and hopefully a window would be free. My seat was 35D. I fly Delta very frequently and have become accustomed to
asking. Sometimes they can accommodate, sometimes they can't- it never hurts to ask. In front of me were two people. The first was a man who was clearly having an unpleasant conversation with the desk agent who looked like she was not having a great day and seemed to continually be telling him 'no". He stormed away and after the women in front of me had asked about stand-by, I stepped up and handed my ticket to the women asking if she had any seats further up and preferably a window. She took the ticket without even looking and tossed it back to me in a very rude gesture and told me "No. The flight is full".
It was a fairly curt beginning and I could see group 4 was almost done so I took my place in the group 5 boarding line up. There were only about 5 or 6 people behind me and most of the flight was boarded at this point. I told the gentleman taking my ticket "this is why I rarely fly united, I always have a terrible experience" and he asked, "why are you flying today". It was because I booked a multiple airline, multiple city flight and didn't notice.
Once on board, I immediately began to scour the overhead bins for a place to put the only luggage piece I had which was a black backpack housing my computer, several change of clothes and my toiletries. As I proceeded to my seat, only a few bins sat open, all of which were full to the brim. I began to check the overhead bins around my seat; opening them up and none had any space.
The flight attendant, a man, stood at the back of the plane casually leaning each arm on the top of the last two seats to the aisle stood watching. As I checked the bins, passengers told me the ones I was opening were full. I asked the flight attendant where I should put my bag and he responded in a condescending and rude voice "the bins that are open are the ones with free space". I looked down the plane and the only open bins were the ones I had passed on the way to the back of the plane and I already knew they were full. I responded, " Those overhead bins are full. I'm not sure what to do, I can't check this bag- it's a backpack and has my laptop in it." Again, this flight attendant, still leaning on each arm like he was on a smoke break shouted at me... and I mean shouted, not spoke, he didn't come over, he didn't attempt to talk to me, instead he shouted "the bins that are open are the ones with free space". Getting even more frustrated, I told him that there isn't any space in those and he once again said but in an even more sarcastic and aggressive tone, "I don't know what to tell you, the bins that are open are where there is free space".
He offered no solutions. He didn't say what I expected which was "ma'am once the passengers are all seated I will help you find a place for your bag" or any suggestions. He didn't offer a single option. (Who knows, maybe first class had room for my backpack... this would not be something I could ask for but maybe a suggestion from him?)
Extremely frustrated at this point I said "ok Mr. Fancy pants- where do you think I should put this bag because there isn't any space up top and I need to put this somewhere". He then shouted to me to "watch my tone" like I was a child he was schooling and still he did nothing but lean on the top of the two seats. I told him that I didn't have a tone and that I am a paying customer. I pay part of his wage at this moment and that this is his job. He told me to lose the attitude or he’d have me removed off the plane. Continually frustrated, I shoved my backpack in between the space of the seat in front of my seat and me. I heard someone say that 'why don't I just place it under the seat'. It was something I was attempting but the bag was wedged in and wouldn't fit. I had a small purse with my backpack to store there.
Beside me sat a blonde haired woman and beside her an empty seat. A sweet older lady came at that moment wanting to get into the window seat. I tried to pull my wedged bag but had no room to pull it out as it was tightly in there so I stepped into the aisle and told her "I'm sorry but you are going to have to step over this". She stepped over and as the blonde lady returned to the seat next to me she shouted at me that I must move my bag. I told her there was nowhere to put it. I sat down, buckled up and tried to figure out where to put my legs since all the space was taken. I figured I'd just wait till they told me to move the bag and since no one was helping or attempting to alleviate my growingly stressful situation; I'd just wait for someone to offer their assistance. The lady beside me then put up her hand and started shouting like a juvenile child "excuse me- she won't move her bag- excuse me... um excuse me, she's refusing to move her bag".
It was at this moment that I turned to the lady and said "what are you? Like a five year old child?” The blonde lady burst over me and over to the flight attendant who was still chillaxing at the back of the plane only about 3-4 feet from where I was. She loudly announced that there was "no way she was going to sit beside me during this flight". The male attendant responded "don't worry, she's already been taken care of".
A minute later and the same man who took my ticket with the blue suit came up and told me I needed to exit the plane immediately. I told him this was unreasonable, I've done nothing wrong other than stand up for myself. I had somewhere to go and I paid for my flight. He told me that I'd been deleted off the flight and that I needed to exit the plane immediately. I told him this is ridiculous and an abuse of power. This man never once introduced himself or his position.
I complied as I didn't want an escalation and as we exited, I told him that this was unreasonable and tried to explain to him what had been going on. He told me "if you want me to help you rebook then you better be quiet and wait at the gate desk." From there forward, he continued to threaten me by refusing to assist, refusing to rebook and refusing to allow me to fly at all that day if I did not act in a subservient way. I am a 39-year-old woman- not a child to be treated this
way. He never let me speak about what had just happened. He spoke to me as if I were a small child and abused his position so that he didn't have to hear what I had to say.
"The flight attendants and the passengers feel uncomfortable with you on this flight and this is why you are being removed". I tried to find a supervisor and was given a chat with "Phil", a man completely uninterested in what had happened to me as he rolled his eyes and acted annoyed with me. I asked for the flight attendant's name and that was not given. The only name I was given was "Brooks".
I work in customer service and I am extremely appalled of how I was treated. I would never treat my customers this way. People work very hard for the money they earn and they are spending it on your product and company. I did not use profanity. I was not violent. I did not touch anyone or do anything threatening. I simply was trying to get help with my bag from someone whose job was to assist me in this effort.
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Hold on now...... You are one of the very last to board a full flight. You arrive with a bag that is too big to go under the seat in front of you. The gate agent doesn't have to look up to see if there are empty seats on the plane. She already knows that LONG before you get to her position.

So now you start out by making an insulting comment to the gate agent about the company she works for. As soon as you get on the flight you get into an argument with the flight attendant, then you got in an argument another passenger and finally you got ANOTHER argument with the gate agent again.

It can't be that EVERY one of them had a problem. Maybe THEY are not the ones with the Attitude problem. After all that are actually SURPRISED that they put you off the flight.
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Default boy are you off

1. I was not the "last to board"
2. It was not an argument but a statement that I have a difficult time with their airline. In this great country - Freedom of speech is allowed- I did not raise my voice. I was not rude. I simply stated what was happening and what the problems were with their behavior.
3. The bag was NOT too big. It was a BACKPACK-- like you put on your back and carry to school... the seats at the very back had even less room -- the alternate flight I took it fit perfectly under the seat in front. Since it has a 15 inch laptop in it... it is not possible to break the laptop in half. I
4. the flight attendant was a he.
5a. I simply asked for assistance and since it is HIS JOB to assist and he did not offer it but just rudely stood at the back doing nothing but condescendingly repeating that the open bins were the ones with room - he is at fault.
5b. If you know anything about flying from New Orleans or to it... overhead space tends to always be a problem with these planes. It's not a hub and only certain airports service it. My suggestion is that you do some research before replying.
6. You must work for an airline.
7. There were no "arguments"- it was a discussion. This is what humans do. We discuss. I never once raised my voice - there is nothing offensive about my behavior.
8. Thank you for sharing your opinion. It is indeed- your opinion - and I am the first to agree that if something keeps happening it is no longer everyone else. The ISSUE began when I began to ask for help
--- the rest of that was background information on how I was treated. I suppose you may want to re-read the passage.
9. have a good day

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abuse of power, inflight, luggage, removed

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