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Default Missed Connection, Lost Luggage, Not Their Problem

My Delta flight was over 2 1/2 hours late. Some of this was due to weather, but nearly an hour was spent waiting for a gate. Delta had no one standing by the gate to assist our transfers. Consequently, we missed our connection by 15 minutes. We got another flight, but they did not properly transfer our luggage. We've spent 7 days of our 2 week vacation waiting for it to arrive. I've contacted Delta twice; the first time they told me to take it up with Alitalia, the second time they didn't even favor me with the courtesy of a reply. I bought my tickets through Delta, I paid Delta, Delta had my bags last I saw, but I'm supposed to take this up with someone else because they like taking my money but don't like addressing my problems. Maybe the reason they lose so much luggage is because they couldn't care less. I've flown well over a million miles with this company, and in the last year my family has made a total of 15 transatlantic flights, all through Dela. No more. I can take a hint. My congressman is on the House subcommittee on aviation, and he'll be hearing from me when I get back to the states.
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Which airline did you fly your LAST leg of your trip with? If it was Alitalia they were 100% correct, it is not Delta's problem. (If) Alitalia was the last carrier you need to contact them for losing your luggage.

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