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Angry Worst customer service of my life

This is a longer than long story. Let me put it short. Alaska "lost" my luggage on August 27 on a non-stop 2 hour flight from Seattle to Vegas. The luggage contained a wedding dress, rings, wedding programs, all of my nice clothes, 300$ in make up, swim suit, clothes, camera charger, i could go on forever. It has been 5 months and have not received anything from them. They have been deceitful, uncommunicative and flat out rude. i work in customer service at the bottom of the totem pole and I know how rude customers can be and I can vouch that I have been nothing but nice and patient with them. This whole snafu ruined the wedding. We are both pretty low maintenance people and the fact that my entire trip, my first time to vegas, my wedding was ruined and they could really give a hoot makes me more frustrated and fuming mad than any one can bear to imagine. If the people were friendly and apologetic or at least paid me for what I had lost I would probably continue to fly them. They have been the worst company I have EVER in my life had to deal with and refuse to ever give them any more of my business. I will also never check my luggage again for the rest of my life. and I will quote an Alaska Air employee "well it looks like you learned your lesson didn't you" FU alaska, i hope you get what you deserve.

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I would love to get a complete and honest transcript of both side of this issue. There must have been an awful lot of abuse hurled at the CSA for them to comeback with, "well it looks like you learned your lesson didn't you."

Why did you place such expensive things in your check in luggage? Nobody with any sense does that, jewelry and the like going in your carry on.

Once the CSA puts your bag on the conveyor belt, that's the very last time an Alaska employee touches it. A ground contractor called Menzies, and TSA handles all the baggage after that until it pops out of the luggage carousel at the other airport.

"I can vouch that I have been nothing but nice and patient with them" Nobody can vouch for themselves. That's the very thing someone says when they been unbelievably rude and abusive. If you had all that valuable stuff in your luggage, and it disappeared, you'd be ready to tear someone up. You'll never make me believe you were "nice and patient."

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I'm in agreeance with Gromit, if it were me and all that expensive stuff went missing, I wouldn't be posting my story on this website, I'd be on a phone with a lawyer and too upset to post a story like this. Really? You put rings and electronics in your bag?? wooo good luck getting that stuff back.

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