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Default CO48 Newark to Mumbai - Ridiculous seat allocation, horrible food and rude employees

I flew Continental on 19th March from Newark to Mumbai, with my wife and 10 year old daughter

My first surprise was when I reached the check in counter, three hours prior to check in and found that three of us have got three middle seats, at different places. I explained to the staff at check in counter that my 10 year old was uncomfortable seating alone on the long haul 15 hour flight and hence requested for contiguous seats. However I was told by the check-in counter employee that the flight was full and nothing could be done at that stage and added that the gate attendants may be able to help. At the gate, I was given the same "full flight" story and was being shuttled to the cabin crews. Finally even when the cabin crews refused to help, I requested the two single co-passengers, seated to the right and left of my daughter to exchange their seats with the other two middle seats of mine. They were kind and considerate enough and agreed to help.

Soon I found one of the cabin crews shouting at the top of her lungs threatening to throw out some luggage from one of the overhead bins as it was not closing. Thankfully the bin had none of my luggage, but come on, that is no way to talk to customers. In most other airlines I have flown I have seen cabin crews trying their best to adjust the orientation of the luggage or relocate them into other available empty bins, without screaming at the passengers, so that the bin closes safely!

Then came the drinks service and when I asked for a glass of water along with a helping of tomato juice, the lady serving the drinks had the audacity to comment "two drinks for one passenger"! And that too when my kid didn't touch a single drink / food item served by them, during the course of the whole flight! Now that was height of hospitality. When I asked for her name from one of her colleagues, I was told that they would not give away individual employee's names and that i could talk to the main steward. When I asked for a meeting with him, I was told that he could meet me only after the service in first class was over, which probably never ended, as he never turned up during the course of the 15 hour flight to talk to me.

Finally dinner was served, and it was pathetic. It contained some boiled rice and boiled chicken. When I told one of the cabin crews that the food was bad and they should pass on the feedback, she replied back that the food served in the return flight (Mumbai to Newark) was apparently even more horrible. Now, is that a reply you give to an irate customer?

Looks like Continental does not appreciate the business that their customers provide them with and hence they can afford to employ such a rude and unhelpful bunch of staff.

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