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Default ORD-PEK cancelation, AA handling it wrong!

My family is in Austin Texas and my job assignment is in Beijing China. In March 2010, I booked following itinerary for my vacation back to US home in Austin.

April 30th AA186 PEK-ORD/AA2491 ORD-AUS
May 9th AA2296 AUS-ORD/AA187 ORD-PEK

While I was in China, Two days before my departure to Austin, I got a call on my China mobile phone from one of AA’s customer service representative. She informed me that the Beijing to Chicago flight has been canceled on the 30th and would like to work with me to find alternatives to reroute me to Austin. Due to other airlines booking status on the 30th, she proposed I have to leave one day earlier on the 29th, which is a working day for me. Without other options, I accepted her suggestion and asked my employer for one more day off. She also told me my outbound itinerary won’t be affected, which means I can fly AA on May 9th from Austin to Beijing, back to work. I am OK with the service AA provided at this point and I took UA4334 connecting UA3332 arrive Austin on April 29th. But a week later, AA screwed my May 9th Austin to Beijing trip badly.

Giving the inbound flight cancelation status on April 30th, I called AA on May 6th, try to confirm my May 9th itinerary; The customer service representative told me unfortunately my flight was canceled again. She said the ORD-PEK route will remain been canceled for the month. But she proposed and confirmed me on another alternative, which is leaving Austin on the 10th. AA1492 AUS-DFW/AA1157 DFW-SEA then connects Hainan airlines’HU496 SEA-PEK. Will be arrived in Beijing on 16:00 pm May 11th. I have to sacrifice another working day but been without other options, I cancel all my scheduled meetings in Beijing on May 11th and accepted her reroute proposal again. If things would end up like this, I probably wouldn’t complain that much, but AA’s ignorance is more than that.

I thought it was all settled on the outbound trip to Beijing, though it is one day delayed. I even selected my aisle seats on and also called the Hainan Airline to ask for an aisle seat, they gave me 16G on flight HU496 May 10th. But try to be on the safe side, in late evening of May 8th, I called AA to reconfirm everything and in the mean time to try my luck to see there is any better route. To my big surprise, the agent on the phone told me that my booking on 10th via Hainan airlines is invalid. Then I have to spend more than 3 hours on the phone with multiple agents include one superior to find all reasonable possibilities to fly me to Beijing by 11th. Its end up by 2:00 am in the morning of 9th, the supervisor told me he is working on to put me on the waiting list of UA 889 but can not confirm. He asked me to call back in a few hours to check the status. On 7:00 am May 9th. I called AA and speak to another agent. We spend another 2 hours on the phone to figure out possible alternatives and she said she can only get me on UA’s flights on May 13th. Unfortunately, I can not afford to delay that long and I am really disappointed on AA’s handling this predictable changes. Been hopeless on AA’s service, I have to rush to purchase a one-way ticket by myself for May 10th from AUS to PEK. DELTA had one but it cost me 2,000 USD for one way. Finally I made it on May 11th arrived in Beijing with DELTA. Start from may 12th, I file a complain through AA’s contact us web mail. I request two things: 1. reimbursed me the one-way rush ticket cost I have to purchased thorough other airlines, which is around $2,000. 2. Assign a dedicate customer relationship agent to call me to have this case settled. To my further disappointed, AA refused my request and only agree to refund me “the value of unused portion of the ticket”; and nobody calls me on this with further explanation.

I think I give them a very reasonable request. The problem is not the cancelation of the flight but how their handling it. They do have enough time to notify me earlier to put me on other routes in time. But they massed up. The point I want to make is:

1. AA does not proactively touch base with me on continues fly cancelation status while I am in the States.
2. Once again AA canceled the agreed reroute itinerary without notifying me.

Now it seems I am been penalized by AA’s stupid mistakes. Anyone have any suggestion here?
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You absolutely need to sue them. There is no justification whatsoever for their conduct and they will lose. Small claims will cover it.

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