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Angry Terrible Customer Service at FL-1332 (PHL)

Today, Friday 15th October 2010, I took my grandfather to the airport to help him check in. He was travelling from PHL to BOS departing at 12.45pm. After checking in (E-ticket) we were supposed to receive assistance from the staff to check in his bag. I waited for the lady in front of me to finishing checking in her luggage before it was our turn. The southwest staff (1 white lady and 2 black guys) seemed very nice (laughed and joked) with the lady in fron of us. When it was our turn, the 2 guys dissapeared and the lady seemed not to notice us waiting (FYI we are Africans and I speak very fluent english in case you are wondering). I said "how are you doing today' and she ignored me. I had to liiterally shout at her asking her if we can check in our bag at that counter. She seemed VERY VERY COLD and UNFRIENDLY like we were not supposed to be there at all. One of the guys came back to the counter but did not act any differently from his female colleague. The bottom line is that we were DISCRIMINATED against or to be exact experienced RACISM. One is left to wonder what type of training Southwest offers its employees if at all any. This is the worst customer service I have experienced so far in this country and next time they will get a piece of my mind if you know what i mean.
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One of the problems with racism is it's pernicious nature. Who knows if this was racism or not... you hav'nt really given any evidence of it whatsoever. However, poor customer service is endemic in the US airline industry... if I had to bet; I would bet the latter was more responsible. If you need proof, read these pages. US airlines are provide obnoxious services on an equal opportunity basis.
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Anyone can debate the customer service point all day long, but Southwest is the last airline to associate with racism. I know that when you get an airline of any size you will end up with someone, somewhere who is a racist. However I know that at Southwest in particular this would not be tolerated.

Sorry, but you need to put the race card away.

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