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Angry DL533, Oct 13 2010-Delayed luggage-Claim ignored

Three of us flew into Cancun in mid October, and our baggage did not. We had switched airlines due to a small hurricane, which cancelled our original flight, but were told there would be no problem with the luggage being transfered. Delta gave us paperwork to file a claim, and told us we would be reimbursed for the essentials we needed to purchase.

Luckily the luggage arrived the next day, but we had already purchased some basics. Upon arriving home, I checked with Delta to make sure the claim was to be filed with them and not the original airline, and was told it was the last airline that was responsible. I sent all the information via a FAX, and waited to hear back.

After 2 months, I had still heard nothing. I tried to access the claim number on the web site, and was told there was no such claim. I tried calling, but got a busy signal most of the time for several days. When I did get answered, I was on hold for 1-2 hours until I got disgusted and hung up. I was on hold on 4 different occasions, for a minimum of an hour each time. I sent other follow-up mesages via FAX, and never heard a response. I even sent messages to the CEO via e-mail, and still got no response.

I am so disgusted that an airline can just ignore your claim, then refuse to answer the phone or messages. I have decided to declare war, as I am ******. I'm sure they are waiting for me to go away, as they probably do with everyone. What a gimmick. I am filing a complaint here, as well as with the Aviation Consumer Protection Division with D.O.T., and have ordered a book on-line called "Sue the Airlines." I am also filing a complaint with the Attorney General's Office, as I think this is fraud, as well as the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation. There is also a House Aviation Subcommittee, my local newspaper, and 60 miutes, which will all be hearing from me. I believe this problem needs to be brought to light, as there are probably thousands of customers who are going through the same thing. It is criminal. I will be spending more time on my computer, and complaining to anyone who even looks like they might be interested. All of this hassle is for about $300.00, but now it has become personal. I am going to try to cause Delta as much heartache as I possibly can. How DARE them treat their customers with such disrespect.

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