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Default Spirit Airlines

I purchased a ticket on spirit through aol travel. When I attempted to pick a seat, I was locked out of the process by Spirit. They said, since I purchased through a "travel agent" i would not be allowed to choose a seat in advance. I would have to go to the airport. The customer service center is located in Manilla, The Philipines. They suggested I go to the airport in advance and choose a seat. I had over two weeks before my flight but I was so concerned that I might get stuck in a middle seat. I went to the airport only to be told that I couldn't get a seat assignment until the day of the flight. Now I'm totally frustrated. I decided to cancel this flight and re-book through the website. Now I'm told that there would be a 70 dollar change fee, even though it would be the exact same itinerary. So i changed my plans completly. Pay for a new flight. Customer service tells me I had to accept a voucher for my original flight. I understand that there is a no refund policy and I pay seperately for my new flight and bank the voucher for future travel. Now I'm attempting to use the voucher and they want a 70 dollar voucher usage fee!!!! That's the same 70 dollars I didn't want to pay to change my original flight. No where on the website does it say that there is a 70 fee associated with the voucher system. It only says taxes and "fee". Somebody should file a class action suit against them. I wish I knew how. Anyway, beware of low super low fares with Spirit. You"ll pay plenty with blood, sweat and tears !!!!
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And it ends up not being quite as cheap as it had seemed. I lost my rewards miles in one fell swoop since they said they changed credit card carriers. This company should be put out of business.
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They are like travelling on a bus... why anyone uses them except students and backpackers I will never know... not worth the hassle.
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Default Has anyone else experienced this problem with Spirit?

A few weeks ago i flew Spirit Air from Atlantic City to West Palm Beach> i had booked my flights online and i'm very careful about checking the info i enter. When i arrived at the airport to check in for my flight i was very surprised when they told me my flight was booked for the next week. Obviously i wasn't staying for another week so i had to pay to have it re-booked for that day. They charged me $193 for 5 minutes of work (and the flight was not full). On their website it says that they charge $115 to re-book online and $125 if re-booked at the gate. After numerous emails and a conversation with Spirit when i got home, i gave up on trying to figure out any of this and just accepted it. Needless to say, i won't fly Spirit again. My question is... Has anyone else experienced a situation like this with Spirit. I'm wondering if this isn't a scam to get additional revenue.
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Do you have your email or a print out that shows proof that you actually booked the correct date and not the next week? If not, your probably screwed.
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Default Spirit Airlines

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