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Swiss Air Complaints>Isn't Swiss Air learning from the United fiasco? BUMPED to STAND BY at Gate!
Scorpio 10:03 PM May 4, 2017
NEVER FLY SWISS AIR. I'm a global business traveler and have never heard of or experienced anything like this.
On 4/27, I was booked and SEATED on SWISS 817 from Hanover to Zurich, and then on SWISS 52 to Boston. As the plane was boarding, I was called to the gate and told that I was now moved to STANDBY and no longer had a seat on the plane. Again, I had a seat assignment on my boarding pass. There were 4 other passengers as well, all of us had connecting flights thru Zurich, all had seat assignments. The gate attendants did NOT make an announcement asking passengers to give up their seat for a voucher. They would not tell us why they did not do that, and I know that it is common practice, I just had seen another SWISS flight do it in Zurich! The two gate attendants were rude, dismissive, unsympathetic, and not helpful. I asked for a supervisor, and they said that the supervisor was 'too busy to come over and explain". Are you kidding me? The plane boarded, our bags were taken off, and we were told to go get our bags at baggage claim and go to a customer service desk. It was a generic customer service desk, not even Swiss Air. The person there basically got on the phone to try to rebook each of us. I was told that there were no other flights that day and I had to go the next day. I was put on a Lufthansa flight, with a VERY tight connection thru Frankfurt, 45 min. I said that it was too tight, I'd never make the Boston flight, she said it was fine. Only when I asked was I offered a hotel room. There was no mention of meal or transportation vouchers. I was told the hotel was in walking distance, but it was NOT, it was a mile away along the airport highway! I got on the flight the next day, and of course, it was delayed and landed after the boarding call for the Boston flight. There was no Swiss Air representative at the gate to call ahead to tell them I was on the way. I barely made the flight, but was told when I landed that my bag, of course, did not. In Boston, I told the Lufthansa staff what had happened (of course there was no Swiss Air representatives there) and they could not BELIEVE that I was not allowed to take a seat that I had paid for. They were shocked, and like me, wondered who had taken my seat, were there two ticked for the same seat number? For all FIVE of us? They also had never heard of NOT offering vouchers to give up a seat, and didn't understand why it wasn't offered. By the way, my bag didn't arrive for another 32 hours.
I have NEVER experienced anything like this. You'd think with all of the bad publicity that United is experiencing, that Swiss Air would extra aware of how they treat passengers, and be sure to not remove paying, seated passengers from their flight!
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