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Angry Swiss Airline Shock Babyes

I am here to bear my testimony to the terrible service received recently with SWISS.
I state that I am a decisive person and I hope that starting from this simple online media, I can get a satisfactory explanation and apology, otherwise it will be 'my intention to embark on a crusade to bring my complaint to your CEO and Mr. Harry Hohmeister, in parallel, to bring this discomfort at all forums and online media to my knowledge.

I am the director of an Italian company based in Shenzhen (China) and 5 year run flights from China to Italy.

Previously I used the Cathay and after opinions in favor of some acquaintances, I switched to Swiss ....... ..... until 8 October 2010 date when I decided I will probably change 'company You will not receive' an adequate response to my case, I repeat, I'll 'leave a lot of noise in the Swiss.

We come to the point, I have a child of eight months, from August I booked a flight as usual for round-trip to China.
The round 'went well, the correct position for a child and there were also served 2 meals for babies (baby)

The return and 'have been disastrous! The flight LX138 got 'trauma to the child that even now bears the results at 4 days after our arrival.

Well the check in I asked politely to be assigned, since it paid in the area suitable for a newborn, and as we all know are the lines 23 or 29 of the Airbus 340-300 in question, with not very politely and I 'was told it was booked full and they gave us the last row ..... I've told them to "hope for the best 'cause the seats in the back row do not drop a lot"

Although the two positions on lines 23 or 29 were not available, I would have settled for two seats at any available position, but I never waited for the SWISS raised a child of eight months for an intercontinental flight in line 45!! !

Well yes! I was placed with the baby and my wife in the middle of 2 bathrooms! where every shot you can imagine the door opening and flush toilets, to have brought my child who desperately tried to sleep, in having strokes and jerks to each use! and 'was really heartbreaking to see such a young child to jump and get scared at least 120 times during the trip! Light sudden deafening noise did not make the face easier.

The surprise 'was also the hostess who could not understand why we were there ..... but no one has moved to fate and I do not care if Senator card or the card frequent fliyers MILE'S AND MORE have priority' in the Decision of places, I believe that such a young child has priority 'and NEVER should be read in places like that, not to mention that the seat in that position can not' be completely reversed and that the indifference (which I understand) of people in line 44 has have led to a harrowing journey that came with the seat a few inches from the baby's head, what would happen in case of severe turbulence or a decrease of lift of the wings? ...... To be added the fact that, fortunately for the sake we had also brought food for the baby 'cause during the flight is not' never take anything for the child to have done the first time, so we were treated as a hold baggage .....

I guess my complaint is understandable and I am attaching the tickets used as evidence to what I say and also the booking agency with proof of how and 'been paid for the ticket, 33000HK $ (Hong Kong dollar) for a round trip and back in those conditions, theft and insult, in many ways a notice within a week otherwise your consumer federation, local (Chinese), Italian, Swiss as well as many blogs will be aware of this case that surely will come 'as a bolt from the blue to Sig.Harry Hohmeister.

Michele De Silvestro
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so, is your complaint about where you sat on the plane?? thats what im getting out of it. granted sitting by the lav is no fun, i sat around that area as well on air stinky india but somebody has to sit somewhere. did you get up and ask somebody if they wouldnt mind switching with you? that person paid for their ticket too however. on air india there was the same thing, there was an infant right by 2 bathrooms but the family was at least in the bulk head
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You have absolutely no right to complain, there is special seating places on the flight for having infants, this row was probably one of them.
When i have travelled with an infant, the companies have usually been very flexible in getting free seats or better rows for us, but it has certainly not been a mandatory. If you want to make sure you get better seats, either pay for booking specific seats or upgrade to eco flex.

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