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Default S.pirit H. orrible I.tinerary T.rashed

On 03/11 I was charged and confirmed for 3 r/t, Atlantic City(ACY) to Ft. Lauderdale(FLL) 03/21-03/28. Received a "Check in for tomorrow's flight" on 03/20. After several unsuccessful attempts at online check-in, I called customer service. I was told that online check-in was experiencing technical difficulties, we were in fact booked, and could we please use the kiosk at the airport for check-in? We arrived nearly 3 hrs. early to an airport that has one airline, and never more than two flights scheduled simultaneously. (I live in Philadelphia, and routinely drive the 60 miles each way to avoid the always crowded Philly airport). We arrived to a check-in area full of anxious and angry customers. The kiosk would not allow check-in, and informed me that we must check-in at counter. We stood in line for over two hours. Sometimes it was deemed the wrong line, if the Spirit employees decided to change their minds. When I reached the counter, there stood an uninformed and sadly untrained employee. I protested to no avail when told that the plane was full. I then suggested that I would drive anywhere within reason. I gave him a range of Boston to D.C., and west to Pittsburgh. Nothing. I said we would fly to any city Spirit flies if that would get us to FLL. Nothing. The best possible offer was a flight out of AC on 03/24-03/31. I reluctantly took it, because the alternative vouchers contain more restrictions than the penalty box at Guantanamo Bay. I also assumed that Bank of America would back me up. While waiting hours for our ride home from the airport, I became friendly with an employee of Spirit. She informed me that Spirit had bookings nationwide based on new bigger planes recently purchased. These planes were not yet ready for flight. That explained the huge number of people screwed in such a small airport. While waiting, my nephew, whom I expected to cross paths with at ACY, sent me a text. He was stuck in Ft. Lauderdale, and Spirit had done the same thing down there. This is not only immoral, it borders on criminal. How can Spirit get away with this? Do they sit around Miramar and say, "Well...we'll book passengers for larger planes that we don't yet have. If the planes are ready earlier than expected, we're covered. If not, oh well...we make even more profit." Do they employ analytical bean counters to explore customer satisfaction vs. profit? That's a silly question. Of course they do! Spirit is like the sports betting prognosticators who charge $100 for their 5-star pick of the decade. They tell half the people Giants, and the other half Cowboys. When the Giants prevail, they have 50% pleased as punch, and they proceed to appease the other 50% with their 5-star pick of the century; another blind pick of either side, knowing that a slew of new suckers will be waiting to give them $100 next week. A ponzi scheme with no foreseeable end in sight, so long as people have places to fly, and bookies to bet with. Yesterday, Bank of America officially informed me that my dispute claim was denied, and I was responsible for $900. Who is responsible for the $3000 that I spent on unused condos, prepaid reservations, and unpaid missed work days? I informed Bank of America that I would be shredding their credit card as soon as both my hands were free. I especially feel for Spirit customers flying to visit loved ones on their death beds or funerals. Those needing crucial medication or medical care. And what about those taking the entire family on that prepaid cruise of a lifetime. I began sensing the outcome soon after I filed a claim due to the "slight 3 day adjustment" in our flight plans without compensation. It had dawned on me that B of A was sleeping with the enemy. How's your rep with Spirit cardholders these days B of A? Delta would've been a safer bet. I knew it was time to sever the head and kill the snake. In May, I cashed in 42,000 miles, and took my kids to Costa Rica for $600 in baggage, taxes, & fees. This being Spirit, we of course had to spend a night on each end of the trip in a Lauderdale hotel, in order to meet the blackout dates and requirements. Someone should seriously considering filing suit to expose this conniving, greedy, and shameless airline.

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