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Thumbs down Austrian Airlines

flight OS71. My brother had to fly from Eastern Europe to Toronto, via Vienna.The reservation was made by me in Toronto over the phone. I have never bought an electronic tickets before and that's why i asked all the details. The girl who sold me the ticket was from Austrian airlines call center in Canada. I provided my credit card information and then she confirmed me multiple times that the ticket has been successefuly purchased and the passanger just needs the Foto ID for check in. After, they sent me the itinerary by email but, apparently, without a ticket number on it.The flight was today, saturday, and when the passenger came to the airport, they told him that the ticket has not been purchased yet, it was booked only. I called the same call-center in Canada and they confirmed that the ticket is not purchsed and they don't know what happened and hanged off the phone. As a result my brother was needed to return back home and cancel his vacation.

How is possible to be so iresponsible Austrian Airlines? I think these gays have so much money that can just ignore anybody if they wish.
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I'm not sure how Austrian works as far as taking a payment over the phone but the airline I worked for took all the credit card info from the holder and then punched the enter button and that is the end of it. There are times when the information given does not match what is on file with the financial institution that issued the card. Wrong address, name not spelled correctly, etc. I'm not saying that happened but if it did, the purchase would be kicked back and be seen as not completed. I was at the airport when I worked and saw this frequently. I'm sure this was an automated action so no phone agent would have seen it to call back to reconfirm the details.

Just one possible reason it could have happened.
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.
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I'm not sure why the airline didn't just call you, re-verify the credit card and issue the ticket. Something doesn't add up here.
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Default AUA doesn't work on weekends

They didn't call because i bought the ticket on Friday AM for a flight on Saturday PM. On Sarturday when i called the company call center the agent told me that the Canadian office can't issue a ticket number from AUA because they must request the ticket through US office however, the US office doesn't work on weekend.

Seems stupid and this is what making me nervous and feel like they just ignored me. I have explained that is important for my brother to sit on that plane and there is still plenty of time left.

I can't just leave this. They need to learn to respect the clients. They need to pay me for this, do you agree? Can anyone advise how i can give them a lesson to remember for long?
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News: 08.08.2011 Austrian Airlines paid to Murat Bilga 250EUR (material compensation part) according to regulation EC 2004/261, no notification has been sent by carrier and no any response for the non-material part of my demands, I will add here the development.... for more http://www.denied-boarding.info

thanx to http://www.airlinecomplaints.org

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