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Default carry on bag fees extreme and unprofessional

My destination flight, I was not having to pay the 100 dollar carry on bag fee, and my return flight, with the same exact bag and weight, I had to pay 100 dollars per carry on bag. I'd have just purchased new clothing if that was the case? that's silly. My clothing isn't even 100 dollars! I'd have flown a better airline for that price! the tickets were expensive, then on top if it about 200 dollars in baggage fees. Then I get on the return flight, and the flight attendants were unprofessional, disgusting, body odor, and had no dress code. I cancelled my membership with spirit, I will fly ANY OTHER AIRLINE before that one.
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Yes, you've been scammed by a LCC, which preys on the poor. Fly a real airline next time.
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Angry Simply unbelievable

We are going to Florida for 5 days and we wanted to take a carry on and a check in. Carry ons are pricier than check ins and the rates are rubbish. The most the baggage, the costlier it is. For five days my husband and I have to share one bag which has a weight limit of just 18 kgs. How do you expect anyone to carry everything in this limit for 5 days. We booked it because of lesser price now we see that cost is adding up for every single thing. Isn't their any regulation on this. I know I won't to flying 5 star for these prices. Is it worth it???
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I am shocked, shocked that there are any suckers out there that Spirit hasn't caught.
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Spirit is tagged the most hated airline for a number of very valid reasons. But, your complaint just does not have any merit.
For an airline that has regularly advertised itself as providing the "cheapest" airfares (with everything on top of basic transportation at extra cost), it is relatively very easy to figure out how much a "total trip cost" would be. In just two clicks, you can reach the baggage information page which outlines the additional fees.

Further, your argument "How do you expect anyone to carry everything in this limit for 5 days" is irrelevant. Do you really think that this airline plans the baggage limitations based on how many days you intend to travel? Their value prop is straight forward, and I would have thought well understood - provide the cheapest airfare and charge for everything else. That allows passengers to pay only for what they use.

While broadly regulation is surely required in this industry, and particularly for some of Spirit's practices around customer service, it would do not good if people fail to take responsibility to assess the true cost of a flight.
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