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Default Booking cancelled after reservation confirmed

Dear Sir/Madam,

Delta being my preferred airline, it had been my preference for booking current travel arrangements. However, I would like to register a complaint regarding a travel booking with Delta through Travelocity which was cancelled subsequent to my confirming the reservation.

I had made and confirmed a reservation from LAX to HNL confirmation number QFCJOX with a total cost of $385.87 on Tuesday, October 17.

I then received a voice message on the 18th informing me that the fare had been rejected due to Delta Airlines “pulling the fare”. This was subsequent to the availability check, acceptance of credit card information and confirmation of the reservation.

I believe this transaction represents a completed contract and I find it unacceptable that the fare was not honored. It has not only increased the cost of my airfare by $200, but I also needed to change other travel arrangements made which related to those travel dates.

I would like to kindly request a refund of the $200 additional cost which I have expended on alternative airfare. Please respond within 10 business days of this letter. Should I receive no response, I will file formal complaints with the appropriate agencies including the U.S. DOT and Better Business Bureau.
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This is an email to advise you on how Delta negatively affected my vacation. My husband and I planned a trip to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion in August. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 5:40 on April 5, 2007 and return on April 14, 2007. We had our car, hotel, and shows booked. On Wed., 4/04/07, my husband confirmed our flight on the phone with a representative. She gave our conformation number and told him we were all set. Thurs., 4/05/07, the day we were suppose to leave, I got on line and submitted our flight number. It didn't come up as out of Syracuse. I called Delta at noon and spoke to a representative for 11/2 hours. She told me that the flight that was booked had no connecting flight to get us to Las Vegas. She said they had nothing available until the next day, 4/06/07 and couldn't get us back until Mon., 4/16/07. Of course I was extremely upset. Our bags were packed and we were excited. I also had front row center tickets to see "O" in Vegas on Friday, which we couldn't make. We agreed to the flight because we wanted to go. I lost $360 for the O tickets because they wouldn't refund at such a late cancellation. We also lost $115.45 the first night at the Hilton because it was prepaid and nonrefundable. The last two days of our vacation, 4/15 and 4/16 were not planned. We had to spend $375.30 to stay at the Frontier Hotel because it was a Sat. night and a last minute reservation. Not only was this an unexpected expenditure, but the hotel was really dirty and not a place where I would typically stay. However, most hotels were booked for Sat. night. We had problems getting back to Syracuse. Yes, it was weather related, however we were originally scheduled to return on Sat. and wouldn't have had any problems. We had to fly into Rochester and beg a ride from a family member. The positive things about Delta were they got us home on Mon. and we received our luggage on Tues. I do feel that we should be compensated for our financial losses of $850.75. These losses were entirely Delta's fault. I have paperwork to prove my claims and will send a letter with the paperwork soon.
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HaHA. Maybe you should complain to travelocity. Seems like they need to get their fares straight. Always best to go straight through the airline, cut out the middle man.
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Travelocity you should have told you fares are never garanteed or probably they messed on their own side...Why do you want to complaint to Delta ?

Don't get that !

It's common sense that if you booked with travelocity , you need to complaint to them !!!!
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please all members of this forum, note for a tip that travel agencuies are responsible for all your booking before departure.

Delta airlines or any other airlines are only the carriers.

You need to go back to them as soon as there is a problem.

If you want to void any problem, book directly through your airline as in case of schedule change or any cancellations, your airline can help you and deal directly with you.
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further information for people booking with travel agencies.

Travel agencies are responsible ti give you:

Rules of your tickets.

Advising you in case of schedule changes or cancellations.

Refunds before departures of your first flight segment.
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Send a message via AIM to ChrisH

Orbitz, CheapTickers, Travelocity, Expedia, etc., are all third party booking companies. The airlines do not run, or own them. The airlines are not responsible for problems that you have, with any of these companies, if you choose to book your fares through them. If this fare was not honored, it is something that needs to be taken up with Travelocity, not Delta. Basically, when you choose to book through someone like Travelocity, you are paying Travelocity to then go and make the reservation with Delta, for you. It would be much easier to just go purchase the ticket directly from Delta. As an airline customer service agent, I see more people with reservation problems, after they have purchased through a third party, like Travelocity.

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