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Default Air Canada-Vancouver to Regina

I had booked a flight from Vancouver, BC to Regina, Saskatchewan on April 2 2010. Flight number AC8572.

When we were boarding, there was a man from Korea 2 people in front of me. The "check in" girl was completely rude to him. I'm not too sure why his boarding pass wasn't with him, but she told him to go to the other side of the desk. His english wasnt good so he didn't understand what she was saying, yet she keeps just pointing and saying "over there" and "NO! THERE." I felt bad for the poor guy but I didn't know why it was over there, all I coudld see and hear was her treating him like complete garbage. When he found it, she then turned to the couple in front of me and made a racist comment about him not being able to understand english. I found this completely rude and very uncalled for. She's in customer service, how hard would it have been for him to get up and help him? It was about 3 feet away.

When it was my turn to board, I had my boarding pass and my ID. She had her head down at the computer doing god knows what. I was trying to get her attention to show her my ID and boarding pass so I could board, but she was ignoring me. Finally she shouts at me "WHAT?! don't be affraid to show me your id!!"

This both infuriated me and upset me. How embarrasing?! I then had to sit on a 2 hour flight beside the poor man who couldn't speak english, both of us feeling like complete garbage.

AirCanada..you suck!
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Nobody should have to put up with this type of behavior.

You have enough info here to simply cut and paste and send a complaint. To get rid of a bad employee you need to send this information so the company can build a case otherwise nothing will get better. Every employee that works a flight is on a roster and can be checked.


If the link doesn't work go to:
then contact us
then Past Travel - Comments, Compliments or Complaints

If you are truly empassioned about your experience then pursue it. This forum will not address this issue.

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Hey, Thanks!

I sent in a complaint last week, when I got back. I got an auto reply that says it will take up to 15 days..so the wait begins

I remember the first time I went to Germany and how confused I was, everyone was so nice to me and helped me out when I asked for it. If i were to be treated the way we were treated at YVR but in Germany, I would never want to go back

Thanks again!
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Thanks for sending it in ... the culture is changing at AC. It's unfair to you and for the rest of us who really do appreciate your business and really are trying to make a difference.

I hope the process doesn't deter you. I know the feedback will be appreciated and your comments will be responded to (other than the automated one). I can assure you if the responses seem a little 'canned', the process is not. Every department is measured for performance and comments like this are looked into and not taken lightly.

You always have a choice - we would like to remain one of them.

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