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Default Flight Attendant Witch!

I have been so wanting to tell this story for so long. Posting this will not do a darn thing, except give me an outlet to rant, but here goes:

Years ago my husband and I were flying out of Orange County on our way to Orlando for a business convention where my husband was a keynote speaker. His company reserved us coach seats, along with 10 others from the company. When we arrived at the airport we decided to upgrade to first class. We worked out all the details at the ticket counter, used some of our frequent flyer miles to pay for it, got our boarding tickets, and proceeded to the gate.

As we were boarding the plane we realized that at the employee at the ticket counter put just one new boarding pass in the envelope and one of the old ones. We were told we would have to return to the original employee at the front ticket counter. The plane was filling up and ready to depart. We spoke with another employee at the counter at the gate who told us "sorry, your boarding passes are invalid. First class is filled". We were told one of us would need to sit in first class and other in coach. We were told to deal with it after the flight.

We decided I would take first class and my husband would sit in coach with his coworkers. Because we believed we would get a meal on the flight we did not eat breakfast. My husband was starving! During the flight when I got the bowl of nuts I walked them back to my husband. When I returned to my seat the (bullish) flight attendant told me I was not allowed to take food to the back of the plane. But, I figured I paid for the food, it belonged to me, and my husband was not going to eat for hours unless I got that food to him. I stood up and made an attempt to take my tray back to him.

The flight attendant stopped me in the aisle and said loudly that she would write me up if I took that food out of first class. She said I was going to cause a riot with the others on the plane if they saw my husband eating and they aren't. I sat back down and asked if she could wrap them food up in order for my husband to eat it later.

She took my tray, set it down in the galley and then rifled through the trash to find a used piece of foil. She then took all the food containers, dumped each one into the foil, took her hand and wadded the foil up and handed the whole thing to me.

Since this was just a couple years after 9/11 I sat in silence through the rest of the flight and did not say a word. I left the wadded up food in the foil behind when we landed.

Trust me when i tell you that in no way was I ever rude, loud, disruptive, or did anything to cause this woman to turn into this monster, except she try to walk a tray of food back to my hungry husband.

For years after that I was pulled out of line no less than 5 times on future flights. It became a joke each time we flew to see if I would get the SSS on my boarding pass. I finally wrote a letter to TSA (although did not write about the flight attendant from hell. Just asked them to have a look at why I was being harassed.). It stopped after that.

One last important thing to add: Right before take off I noticed there was a vacant seat in first class. The flight attendant got on the intercom and called one of my husband's employees up and told her they were upgrading her to first class. She ended up sitting in the first class seat my husband was told he couldn't have!

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