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COMPLAINT: KLM airlines Worst airlines II

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Old Aug 7, 2017, 3:39 AM
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Dear Sir/Madan:
I had complained that KLM Airline’s internal management problem and employee’s service attitude since February 2017 until now (Auguest), it’s for six months. The KLM Airline never give me any responses about this part, KLM is an arrogant and disdainful company, KLM never try to seek self-improvement and indiscreetly ignore the interests of passengers.
I will never choose KLM again.
I were scheduled to take KLM Airlines’ KL1732 to leave Brussels at 19:00 in Feb. 18, 2017. This flight was scheduled to arrived at Amsterdam at 19:15, I then had a connecting flight KL807 leaving Amsterdam at 20:50 heading for Taipei. At Brussels airport, I were issued boarding pass for these two flights.
I waited for almost two hours more at Brussels airport, I were very worried that I might miss the connecting flight. But the KLM agents at the counter told me that I will have no trouble for the connection. She said that delay was caused by bad weather in Amsterdam, so flights leaving Amsterdam will also be delayed, so I could surly make it in time.
However, when I finally reached Amsterdam airport, there were no any one KLM staffs at gate to assist us with the transfer, I ran like crazy about 20 minites to the departing gate (F3 as I recalled) and I have serious heart disease, but the gate was closed. I could still see the airplane.
I have to complain KLM Airlines as an unpromising company as follows:
1. The ticket price I paid was round trip from Taipei to Brussels, but I didn’t believe KLM Airline contribute your best to protect your customer’s original travel plan, that is, my final destination is Taipei and it is not Amsterdam, KLM Airline can’t assure customer’s travel plan. My question is that if I plan to take KLM from Asia transfer to any European cities next time, how can I trust the KLM Airline? Should I identified that this sort of transfer flights of KLM airline is uncertain and maybe suspending?
2. When being assured that I were assured that I could safely make the connection, I were provided with untruthful and incorrect information at Brussels airport by KLM staff at airport. Why KLM Airline did not keep better inner-communication between Brussel’s and Amsterdam’s KLM Airport employee?
3. Almost all airline companies have staffs at airport gate assisting passengers with transfer, especially the situation likes this, but there were no KLM staffs at Amsterdam gate that night. We heard some Amsterdam airport staffs said that because of the holiday, so many KLM staffs left early. I do not know if this is true, but KLM should have assisted us with our transfer, and KLM should also start to investigate the fact of your company’s man(woman)-power at that night.
4. The crazy running about 20 minutes causes me in dangerous threat to my health or even to death, this situation is always prohibited by doctor. If there were KLM staffs at the gate for providing information, then I don’t have to run and can avoid the death threat.
5. After saw-off the airplane, without any KLM staffs’ help, I found the KLM business office (K6 or F6 as I recalled), and waited and stood in ling queue for more than 3 hours until late night. I believe KLM should do much better and more humanity treatments than you offered that night.
6.I have paid for economy comfort seat, but after rescheduling, we could only get economy seats. So we over-pay for the economy seats. Although I had requested the business class seat but it was in vain. Now, I request you refund this overpay amount. Meanwhile, I believe that KLM should contact customer and arrange this refund operation by your company automatically under this situation by good service policy, instead of applying by your customers.
This trip is really a disaster to me. I had request that you should offer necessary compensations to me. The compensation would come close to covering all my financial, mental and health loss. If the compensations and answers are reasonable, then it will be enough to encourage me in flying KLM Airlines in the future and to avoid further actions that I may bring against KLM Airlines. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
I will never choose KLM again.
Sincerely yours,
James Jan

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