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COMPLAINT: Even the CEO of KLM doesn't Care.

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Old Sep 23, 2017, 6:16 PM
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Here is a copy of our self-explanatory email sent to CEO of KLM on 9/17/17 and when no RSVP again on 9/21. Still no rsvp!!

Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2017 7:09 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: EBB to JFK Experience
16 Sept 2017

Mr. Pieter Elbert, CEO
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Elbert,

When we traveled to Kenya in 2009 we used KLM booking thru Delta, as we have used Delta Airlines for decades. When my daughter and I planned to travel to Uganda in we booked thru KLM in February 2017 at a cost of some $1919.46 (Originally $1823.88 plus seat charges of $95.58) for our trip to and from Uganda on KLM/Delta from Sept 3 thru 14 of this year. The first heads up that much had changed since our 2009 trip was when we had to pay additional charges for our seats after confirming our flights, but we let that one slide.

No doubt you would be interested in our trip back from Uganda. As a former CEO of my own company I believe that you may want to be informed if your employees and airline are not living up to high standards. We are sorry to report that on the return back we found several of your personnel who were unfriendly, disinterested, and inaccurate - repeatedly giving us erroneous or worse, false information. At least two of who were downright rude in ignoring our fair requests as if we never spoke to them!

The specifics: When we arrived in AMS on your Flt KL935 on 14 September, we noted that our next flight [KL1723] had a ten-minute delay. As we only had about a 70-minute window to make that connection, we went to your Customer Service desk at AMS. Your agent advised us that there was a direct flight from AMS boarding at 11:35 but that our flight should arrive in time to make our connection to KL6141. A bit later, at the gate we saw flight KL1723 was further delayed. We mentioned our concern to your male agent at the gate, asking him to change us to the later flight out of AMS. Instead of acknowledging this request your agent told us we would arrive on time. As the flight was delayed again, we more urgently again asked the same gate agent to change our flight. Completely ignoring our request he told us we could still make, it someone would escort us off the plane to the other flight, and that the airline and that flight was aware of our delay. Everything he told us was inaccurate, of doubtful veracity, and the behavior of that gate agent in totally ignoring our request to change flights when he could was downright rude! On board we again mentioned our close schedule to several of your crew members and were told they would try. The crew was unable to tell us the gate number of KL6141 but again advised gate agent at destination would escort us to our other flight. Another falsehood!

We landed in Brussels right around the time flight KL6141 was taking off. When we got to the gate another of your very rude agents gave us a piece of paper with “Avipartner” written on it telling us they had rebooked our flight. We asked for someone to show us where this Avipartner was but the rude agent just pointed and said, “that way”. We advised we were told someone would show us the way as we do not know the Brussels Airport but your people ignored that request also. We went “that way’ and found a closed Avipartner desk so went back again repeating our request for an escort and were again told that way then turn left which was still not fully accurate or complete directions. To make a long story shorter after this 73 year old disabled Veteran, who is not in the greatest of health, and his daughter trekked around the Brussels airport with hand luggage for 45 stressful minutes of hunting and asking various airport personnel for information, we finally found another Avipartner desk, which was NOT “just that way” or just “to the left” as your agent advised. Shame on them and KLM!!

We certainly understand bad weather delays but fail to understand the lack of customer service, unfriendly, uncaring, rudeness, and disinterest of your employees. We trust you will not either.

Avipartner booked us on a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt with another short layover to catch a flight from Frankfurt into JFK. We again asked for a longer delay or direct flight but were told none were available. That flight was also delayed and landed about a minute before the scheduled takeoff our connecting flight, which was quite far from the landing gate. My daughter literally ran to the next flight to hold it for me. She ran with her hand baggage having to run up several flights of steps to get there only to discover we had again missed the connecting flight. As I caught up to my daughter she did not look well and had to sit down before we went over to the Lufthansa Customer Service Desk. The Lufthansa employees were a much more friendly and customer oriented. They had to put us up in a hotel with a Delta flight back to JFK the next morning. We finally landed in JFK about 1PM 15 Sept, some 24 hours after we were supposed to! Both of us were worn out, and not feeling physically well after this long trek around the airport and the physical and emotional stress of missing the flights. Some of your people need the same customer friendly oriented training that your partner airline Delta gives to their employees.

Based on this terrible experience we have lost confidence in KLM and will never again select KLM as our airline of choice. We will tell of our experience on various travel sites so future passengers will be aware. We look forward to your response to our concerns.

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